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Spa-Xcite Clarifying Cleanser

Spa-Xcite Clarifying Cleanser
  • Removes the dead skin cells and helps the process of renewal of new skin cells, this accelerates the blood circulation and promotes skin regeneration and rejuvenation. And it also helps you keep your skin fresh, soft and healthy.
  • It gets rid of the excessive oil clog pores, dirt and bacteria, which may cause acne, building of white and black heads that appears to be an unfavorable skin problem. 
Application: Take and rub a small amount of cleanser between your hands. Produce some lather, and gently scrub it from the neck up to the hairline in a circular motion. Rinse it off with cool water. Pet dry the face with a thin, cotton towel. Then apply Spa Xcite refreshing toner and a facial moisturizer to replenish natural oils and have a refreshing look.