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Spa-Xcite Refreshing Toner

Spa-Xcite Refreshing Toner
It tightens and shrinks the facial pores which allows fewer amounts of oils and toxins to settle in the skin. It reduces acne and facial blemishes by removing the oily buildup and dead skin cells. It also contains anti-aging benefits such as refreshing a tired complexion, reducing the appearance of fine lines, increasing blood circulation, improving skin tone, speeding up cell turnover as well as promoting the sloughing off of dead skin cells. Application: Apply Vince Spa Xcite refreshing toner with the help of a cotton ball. Put a spoonful of toner onto the cotton ball; Spread it on your skin in small circular motion. Avoid rubbing of the ball on your skin. Make sure you cover all the regions and wipe with the cotton ball only once or maximum twice. When done, relax for a couple of minutes. And have a refreshing skin.