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Spa-Xcit Radiant Massage Cream

Spa-Xcit Radiant Massage Cream
It reduces friction on the skin, Massage cream acts as a lubricant, allowing hands to move smoothly across the skin with very little resistance. It acts as an emollient as when applied to the skin it leaves a protective layer, slowing the loss of moisture from the skin, which increases the moisture content of the stratum conium layer of skin. Helps unclog pores, prevent blackheads and blemishes, Helps prevent sagging. Application: Clean your face. Apply Smooth massage cream over your face and on your fingertips, using enough to allow your fingers to glide on your face. Apply more as needed throughout the massage. Use your ring and middle fingers to ensure soft, even pressure. Massage slowly and rhythmically, matching your movements to your breathing. Slow down the pace as your massage progresses.