The Complete Guide to Choosing and Applying Beard Dye

The Complete Guide to Choosing and Applying Beard Dye

By the look of it, the process of applying Beard Dye consists of Beard color selection and its application. It sounds simple and straightforward. Then why is there a persistent presence of pepper-shade hair strands on men's beards?

There can be many reasons in play, from a bad experience applying beard Dye to a need for more knowledge on safe beard dye options. This comprehensive guide will equip you with all the essential beard dye application tips. So dig deeper to get valuable insight and achieve a perfectly groomed beard.

Facial Hair Deserves Its Dye Spotlight

The scalp is different from your comparatively delicate facial skin, and so is the hair on your head and face. Then why rely on the scalp hair color alone? The one-fits-all formula doesn’t work here!

The facial hair is coarse and thus demands its own set of color palettes formulated to match facial skin and hair. So when applying beard dye, always opt for the perfect shade specifically formulated for mustache and beard. It's tailor-made to penetrate the coarse hair of men’s beards without disturbing the skin underneath.

Beard Color Selection

Once you dye your beard, you will live with the results for a few weeks. So, the most crucial step in beard dye application is accuracy in color selection. Most people hesitate to dye their gray strands out of fear of color the dye leaves behind. This section will guide you thoroughly on picking the suitable color and relevant Beard dye application tips.

Consider the following factors before selecting and applying beard dye

Natural hair color and skin tone

When you dye your beard, consider your hair color and skin tone. The beard color should seamlessly harmonize with your hair color to give your beard a natural appearance. Either choose the same color as your hair or opt for a shade lighter.

Safe beard dye options

Opt for a shade lighter than your beard color preference. On multiple applications, you can raise the lighter shade but not vice versa. The better call is to start the journey with a lighter shade and work your way up gradually until you get your dream look.

What’s Inside Your Beard Dye?

The first preference of every man who dyes his facial hair is to look out for a natural look beard dye, but that’s not the only thing. In this fast-forward world, no one wants to achieve a perfect color with side effects. So we need to inspect the ingredients that beard dye is formulated with. We will shed light on the most common components to look out for before applying beard dye.

1. Organic components

The most preferable beard dye is crafted with natural and organic ingredients. Mostly, applying the dye leaves the beard dry and irritated afterward. So opt for beard dye that will keep your beard’s required moisture locked. Specifically, ingredients like Avocado oil, Olive oil, Jojoba oil, and Argan Oil keep your beard’s shine intact and nourish your beard in the long run. They also let color stay on your beard for a significant time.

2. Ammonia

Ammonia is a chemical that offers a strong bond between your hair and beard dye. But this bond has serious consequences, like gradually destroying hair health by changing the PH level and removing moisture and protein.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide And PPD

These chemicals play a vital role in effectively coloring the beard. However, if you have sensitive skin, these components can trigger severe allergic reactions. The best litmus test is to conduct a patch test before applying the dye and wait for adverse reactions like irritation and itchiness.

Applying Beard Dye

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At this stage, we presume you have made a perfect choice in the Beard color selection. And here comes the time to test your practical skill in beard dye application. Seamless integration of the beard dye is dependent on following precise steps. 

1. Prepare Your Beard

If it’s your first time with the beard dye of a particular brand, then never forget to conduct a patch test. Dye a smaller region of your hair and wait for any signs of allergic reactions. In case of a green signal, cleanse your beard to get rid of dirt and pollutants and pat it completely dry. Beard dye adheres better and evenly on a clean, dry surface. In case you have any severe skin condition, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist before applying the dye.

2. Applying The Dye

Grab a tray and combine a specified proportion of Color cream and developer. Mix until you achieve a smooth, buttery consistency. Put on the gloves to your hand to avoid accidental application while applying beard dye. Using the movement of the brush, evenly apply the dye to the beard. Make sure to leave no gray hair untouched, and be cautious to avoid staining your skin. 

One of the beard dye application tips is to apply Vaseline or lotion on the skin surrounding the beard. It will prevent your facial skin from matching the beard color.

3. Waiting Time

Leave the color to blend well on your beard and wait. Wait for how long? The beard dye instruction box will answer it precisely for you. It entirely varies from 10 minutes to 40 minutes based on the color brand you have chosen. If you consider yourself patient and don’t mind waiting, time is no concern. But if you lead a busy life, opt for beard dye with quick results but not at the expense of harsh chemicals.

4. Rinse and Moisturize

After accurately completing the necessary waiting, wash off the dye from your beard. It will remove the dye residues and unveil the upgraded look you will carry around.

Usually, applying beard dye leaves the beard dry, gasping for moisture. A good quality beard dye kit adds conditioner to nurture the beard after rinsing. Alternatively, invest in a reliable beard oil or leave In Cream for better results.

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The onset of the silver lining in the mustache and beard is something no man enjoys. So that sparks a desire to redefine their look, and what’s a better way than applying beard dye? The disparity in facial hair and the hair on our head, as well as scalp and facial skin, mandate the necessity of beard dye.

One should always prefer beard dye that naturally colors the hair without affecting the skin. It should be formulated with reliable and organic ingredients and carries all the essentials for effortless color application. The beard color preference relies on a user’s personal preference, hair color, and skin tone.

The application of beard dye is quite simple. Most of the process is outlined in the instruction box of the selected beard dye. Put on gloves and paint every gray hair with a brush. After waiting for the specified time, rinse off the remains of any dye residue. You will witness the groomed colored beard that will be your companion for 3-6 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the best beard dye for me in Pakistan?

The choice of the best beard dye depends on users’ preferences, hair color, and skin tone. There are merely a handful of trusted brands that took the initiative to launch separate dyes solely targeting the coarse hair of the beard. Like recently,

Vince’s ammonia-free His Only natural mustache and beard color is a great addition. Their all-in-one kit includes color cream and developer enriched with natural ingredients, including Avocado and Jojoba oil.

Q2. How do I apply beard dye safely?

The most reliable trick to avoid after-effects like skin irritation and itchiness is to perform a patch test. Color a small patch and monitor any allergic reaction or discomfort.

Additionally, to avoid staining your skin or clothes, be cautious and always wear gloves. Also, apply lotion or Vaseline on the skin near the beard to restrict transferring any color to the skin.

Q3. How long will beard dye last?

There are two different beard dyes, permanent and temporary. The permanent beard dye lasts until your hair regrows or you shave off the beard. In temporary beard dye, the period ranges from 2 to 6 weeks. The time solely depends on the beard dye’s ingredients, users’ beard care routine, and the application of additional products on the beard.

Opt for color-safe products and minimizer exposure to sunlight to further prolong the color’s life.

Q4. Can I use beard dye to cover up gray hair?

Yes, beard dyes can enhance your appearance by painting the gray hair. Apply reliable, high-quality dye that provides “full coverage” for optimal results. Carefully follow the instructions imprinted on the beard dye leaflet to experience a well-groomed beard look.

Q5. What are the risks of using beard dye?

Typically, beard dyes are safe options to put shade on your beard. However, sensitive skin demands a patch test before applying the dye. Also, avoid beard dye with harsh chemicals like ammonia. Always opt for beard dyes formulated with natural ingredients.

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