At VINCÉ, products are tested through different laboratories to ensure their quality, safety, and purity. Safety of products starts with ingredients, so for that, we screen out ingredients for their quality, safety databases, and for the manufacturing process. We also make certain that these ingredients are used safely in the production process.

VINCÉ Is As Concerned About Safety As You Are

We evaluate final products for quality in our microbiological laboratory, which is equipped with a controlled environment HVAC system and a Standard LFC-03 Model Cabin. Around 12 to 14 parameters were tested in this lab utilizing worldwide Standard Organization-certified agar and media. We use an advanced packaging facility which includes Ultrasonic Semi-Automatic Tube Filling & Sealing Machines, Pneumatic Filling Machines, Inkjet Printers, Round Bottle Labeling Machines, Thermal Shrink Packaging Machines, and other machines capable of filling and packing a wide range of tubes, bottles, and jars quickly and accurately in order to fulfill performance and quality criteria. Also, our specialists check every Raw material, bulk product, and finished goods for its safety & quality through state of art instruments and analytical techniques.

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