Hair Mask
Biotin & Keratin Mask
Biotin & Keratin Mask: This hair mask combines the restorative power of Biotin & Keratin supports reconstructing of hair and helps to improve its endurance. It helps Strengthen and volumize any hair type, especially fine, fragile hair also helps in...
Intense Keratin Mask
Intense Keratin Mask: An Intensive conditioning hair care mask, packed with Keratin, formulated to replenish & repair extremely dry and damaged hair caused by chemical treatments such as bleaching and chemical straightening or for any other reason. Key Benefits: Immediately...
Argan Oil & Keratin Mask
Argan Oil & Keratin Mask: A powerful combination of Argan Oil & Keratin helps to restructure, regrow & strengthen weak, damaged, and over-processed hair. It helps to fortify and revitalize strands to minimize breakage and hair fall. It’s gentle enough...
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