A skin care cosmetic product used for the exfoliation of the skin is commonly known as a face scrub. People use them because they help remove dead skin cells from the skin surface. They are also helpful in reducing the chances of clogging of pores and breakouts of acne.

In a daily skincare routine, when skin is ready after steam, you should get on to exfoliation. Face scrubbing has a very easy method. It can be applied at home. After reading the article, you will know the method of applying face scrub at home. What sort of Scrub one should use depends on the type of skin one has.

How does a Face Scrub work?

Facial Scrubs contain coarse particles that can exfoliate the skin. When we apply it to the face, these particles just rub against the skin and then take all the dirt particles from the small pores of the skin. It can also take all the dead cells from the skin, which a normal cleansing of the face can't. After doing the scrubbing of your face, you will experience smooth and soft skin. 

In the weekly skin care routine, the addition of a good scrub and masks gives you healthy and glowing skin. It's helpful for every person who is careful about his skin.

How to Apply a Face Scrub?

Following simple steps can guide you about the method of applying a face scrub:

First of all, rinse your face completely and don't let it dry. Put a small amount of Scrub in your palm and apply it to your wet skin. Then start gently rubbing the skin with the least amount of pressure. Don't try to put pressure on the skin. Scrubbing in a circular motion with fingers is the best way of rubbing Scrub on your face. Keep one thing in mind: always massage your skin upwards. The areas you should be more focused on are the Corner of the nose, face top, cheeks, upper lips, etc.

Keep massaging for at least 25 to 30 seconds. 15 to 20 seconds are also enough, but 25 to 30 seconds are more appropriate. Then move towards the areas under the chin and neck. Massage these areas for 25 to 30 seconds. Once you finish exfoliation, wash your face with lukewarm water or cold water.

Dry your face using a soft towel. And you have done with scrubbing.

Advantages of Face Scrub

Here are some benefits of Face Scrub:

1. Removal of Dead Skin Cells

Dry and dull skin is the result of dead skin cells. The first and foremost advantage of Face Scrub is the removal of dead skin cells from the skin.

2. Unclogging of Skin Pores

Sebum is the oil naturally produced to keep the skin moisturized. But excessive production of it creates a store of sebum in skin pores and clogs the skin pores that leading to the breakouts of acne. 

Exfoliation helps in the removal of sebum oil and unclogs the skin pores.

3. Removal of Dry Skin Patches

The unhealthy dry skin patches on the skin which makes it dull are also known as flakes.

Face scrubbing can help get rid of these flakes and make skin smoother.

4. Prevention of Ingrown Hairs

Pimple outbreaks are the outcome of ingrown hairs that are just frustrating. Face scrubbing is one of the best ways of removal of ingrown hairs. For the removal of ingrown hairs, try to choose a face scrub with antiseptic properties.

5. Smooth Glowing Skin

Facial skin is the most sensitive part of the skin in comparison to the skin of other parts of the body. It gets dull and dry due to dirt, dead skin cells, pollution, and other substances. 

Face Scrub removes all the particles mentioned above and makes the skin smooth and glowing.

Other than the above-mentioned advantages, this is one of the most important benefits of Face Scrub.

How to Choose a Face Scrub?

Everyone has different types of skin. The choice of Scrub should be based on the kind of skin one has. 

1. Oily Skin

You can use a face wash that contains Salicylic Acid or similar anti-acne ingredients if you have oily skin. Normally people with oily skin suffer from acne and pimple issues as sebum oil clogs their skin pores. Salicylic acid is famous for its anti-acne benefits. 

2. Dry Skin

Glycolic acid is very famous for the removal of dead skin cells and flakey skin. People with dry skin should look for a scrub containing Glycolic acid.

  1. Sensitive Skin
This kind of skin wants very much care from the person who has it. So if you have sensitive skin, make sure that your face scrub is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. 

2. Combination Skin

Combination skin is known to be the one with dry and oily skin at the same time. Choosing a Scrub for this kind of skin could be difficult, but according to experts, one should choose a scrub that can remove excess oil from the skin, not make it dry.

Some HomeMade Face Scrubs

Here goes the list of some Home Made Scrubs 

1. Coffee scrub

2. Lemon, honey, sugar scrub

3. Tomato & Yoghurt Scrub

4. Oatmeal Scrub

5. Brown Sugar Scrub 

What to Apply After Using a Face Scrub?

Apply a gentle and smooth moisturizer after using the face scrub.


Face Scrub is a skincare cosmetic product used for the exfoliation of the skin. They are used to remove dead skin cells from the skin and reduce the clogging of the skin. They are also helpful in reducing the breakouts of acne and pimples. Facial Scrubs contain coarse particles that can exfoliate the skin. The choice of Scrub is very important because different people have different types of skin, which could be cared for with a scrub having particular qualities. You can also make some scrubs at home. 


1. Is face scrub good for skin?

Yes, it's very healthy for the skin and very important for skin protection.

2. Is face scrub good for girls' skin?

Face Skin is the most sensitive part compared to the skin of other body parts. Girls' skin is especially sensitive to boys, so it's good for girls' skin too.

3. Can I use charcoal scrub daily?

No, you should not use it daily. It's made for a weekly skincare routine. But you may use it twice a week. 

4. Is face scrub good for oily skin?

Yes, it's good. You should get a face wash that includes Salicylic Acid or similar anti-acne ingredients if you have oily skin.

5. How often should I use a face scrub?

It's a weekly skin care product, but you may use it twice a week.

6. Does Scrub whiten skin? 

Yes, it does. It also reduces acne scars.


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