Winter Hair Care Tips: How to Keep Hair Healthy in the winter

Winter Hair Care Tips: How to Keep Hair Healthy in the winter

Winter Hair Care Tips

In the evolving beauty industry and undoubted value of hair care cannot be neglected. Lustrous hair magnifies the overall beauty. They have an attraction if they look healthy and beautiful. On the contrary, if the hair is not well managed, and elegantly kept, they will completely destroy the personality. Thus hair care is as important as skincare to have an overall beautiful look.

The beauty industry has expanded from a local business to multinational business with wide access and penetration to multiple countries. This industry has a share of around $600bn currently and is expected to grow up to $736.80bn by 2028. In this industry hair care has a major share. Which shows that in order to look beautiful, merely beautiful skin is not enough. Having beautiful hair is equally important.

What Causes Hair Breakage and Dryness?

Seasons have an impact on our hair, just the way they impact our skin. Hair needs equal care as skin. Particularly in winter, the weather gets drier. Resulting in dry skin, dry scalp, and rough hair.  There are myriad home remedies, clinical aids, and cosmetics products that can keep hair healthy in winters. Let’s dive in to the details for of winter hair care tips;

1. Healthy Diet

Number one hair care tip for winter is to keep your diet healthy. If protein content in your diet is good enough to support regular bodily functions, it will definitely impact your skin, scalp, nails, and of course hair. Try to add protein-rich food like egg, fish, skinned chicken, whole grains, and nuts into your food. It will help to make your hair healthy and shiny.

Free photo young and happy woman eating salad with organic vegetables at the table on a light background , in denim clothes. the concept of a healthy home-made food.

2. Protein Mask

Application of protein mask is another very powerful winter’s hair care tip. Application of protein masks in winter care for hair gives shine, health, and volume to hair. But the application of masks is not a long lasting remedy. It can benefit you for a specific time. Applying these masks in winter from time to time helps to keep them shiny, healthy, and smooth. Along with that, do not overlook the importance of a healthy diet and high quality shampoo for dry hair in winter.

Free photo young woman applying anti dandruff product

3. Aloe Vera

In the winter hair care tips, application of aloe Vera gel stands out as it can soothe and nourish your scalp. It works as a magic in cold weather hair care and is a very easily accessible product which helps to keep the hair frizz-free. Aloe Vera contains multiple vitamins that can also soothe scalp and make hair nourished, soft, and silky.

You can extract natural aloe vera directly from the plant as this form of aloe vera is best for hair. It gently cleanse the scalp and condition hair. 

Free photo aloe vera slices for skin care

4. Keratin Treatment

Having a Keratin treatment is another good tip for winter hair care. Keratin is the protein that helps to maintain hair in good health. In fact the main building block of hair is protein. So giving an external aid at the time when the body lacks them internally can give additional support.

Secondly, keratin fortifies hair and protects them from the harshness of the environment. Keratin is also a kind of protein that helps to keep your hair lustrous even in the dry and rough season like winter.

Free photo beautiful hair in the process of keratin treatment

5. Protein Supplements

For winter hair care tips, taking oral protein supplements can play an integral role. Although they take time to show their results, they actually work. As multiple studies have shown their positive impacts on hair health and growth.

Collagen, biotin, and peptide supplements are all the significant supplements that can keep the hair in good condition in winters. Increasing collagen in the body up to the optimum level can help to keep hair healthy in winters.

6. Paraben-Free Shampoo

Using Paraben-free shampoos can also help to maintain the hair health in winters. Paraben strips off all the natural oil of hair making it dry, rough and entangled. Try to use gentle shampoos to avoid roughness in winters.

Vince's all haircare products are paraben-free and gently formulated. These products will not just eliminate the hair issues that you face in winters but also prevent those issues that have not occurred but can knock in winters.

7. Hair Conditioners

Use of hair conditioners is a great hair care tip in winters. Conditioners contain oils which nourish the hair and make them smooth. Try to use conditioners on damp hair. It will give them volume as well as shine.

Vince's intense keratin hair mask is a unique formulation that not just protects the hair from environmental damage but it also gives extra shine. Millions of users found it as the most effective and gentle hair care miracle.

Intense Keratin Hair Mask

8. Massage

Scalp massage on a regular basis is an ideal winter hair care tip. It is not only economical but also help to nourish the scalp by penetrating into the roots and hair follicles. This technique has been used for many years and has proven results in keeping hair in good condition.

9. Avoid Chemicals

Do not use chemical treatment like ammonia in winters. In such a dry weather, when hair lose their vitality, luster, and shine, it is important to avoid harsh chemical that can further deteriorate the hair health. Try to go for natural remedies in winters instead of using chemical based products.

10. Mild products

Your haircare products should be mild throughout the year. But in winter season try be more conscious as the hair are more prone to dryness and frizziness due to dry air in winter. Good quality products ensure good hair health in the long run and prevent from dryness and roughness in winter season.

11. Use warm water

Another important tip for hair care in winter is not to use hot water to wash hair. It badly impacts the hair health. Try to use warm water instead of hot one. Hot water strips out the moisture and in winters it is a main cause of hair breakage, roughness, and dullness of hair. On the contrary, warm water is relaxing on scalp and safe for hair health.

12. Vitamin E

Vitamin E oil can be a good hair care tip for winter. It can give a bounce and shine to rough hair. Try to use Vitamin e oil to massage your scalp before washing your hair.

13. Avoid Over washing

Over washing can be the cause for hair damage and it can lead the haur to roughness by making scalp rough. In winter season, do not wash hair on daily basis. Try to use spray shampoo if you have oily scalp. It will help to control oil secretion from the scalp. 

14. Apply Hair Serums

Serums and non-greasy natural oils that nourish hair, make them voluminous, and reduce split ends that's why should be used in winter. Use them to give your hair extra nourishment in dry weather.

Vince's Re-Alive hair serum us a magical product that brings the magic on on frizzy hair in winters. Keep it with you and apply it on your hair regularly so that you get frizz free and shiny hair.

Re-Alive Hair Serum

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How to take care of hair in winters?

Practice a simple and mild hair care routine in winter. Dry weather impacts hair just the way it impacts skin. Try to keep your hair conditioned with a good quality conditioner. Use warm water instead of hot water.

Q2. How to protect hair from winter’s wind?

Well! Avoiding wind is an insane kind of thing. But you can protect your hair from its impacts. Try to cover your hair and keep them tied to avoid roughness and dryness caused by the dry wind.

Q3. How can I add moisture to my hair in winter?

Keeping hair nourished in winters is quiet simple. Do not use hot water to wash hair. Secondly, apply a good conditioner or serum to give your hair additional protection from environmental harshness.

Q4. Should I wash my hair every day in winters?

It’s a big NO. Washing hair very often can strip of all the nourishment and natural oils. It can potentially dry up the scalp leading to dandruff or itchiness. But if you have mild oily scalp you can go for a spray shampoo. In case of severe oil secretion from scalp you can wash hair with gentle shampoo which do not contain sulfates in it.

Q5. Does hair grow thicker in winters?

Hair growth varies person to person. But generally, in winters, hair growth becomes slightly slowed down because of environmental effects and lack of hydration. Hair do not grow thicker in winters.

Q6. How often we should wash hair in winters?

Washing hair twice or thrice a week is advisable in winters depending upon the scalp type. For oily scalp you can wash hair thrice a week whereas, in case of moderate or normal scalp try to wash hair twice a week to avoid any hair breakage, roughness, and dullness.

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