In the daily processes of the skincare routine, the second step after facial cleansing is skin or facial toning. Facial toner is a protective skin product used for cleansing the skin and contracting the skin People apply skin toners to make the skin feel firm. Skin toners have the ability to moisturize and refresh the skin. Balancing the pH of the skin is very important. Skin toner also helps balance the pH of the skin and makes your skin look fresh.

Kinds of Facial Toners

An important cosmetic skin care product that is used to maintain the balance of pH of the skin, refresh, moisturize and make the skin feel firm is known as Facial Toner.

There are various kinds of facial toners, such as:

  1. Skin Toners
  2. Acid Toners
  3. Skin Bracers/Fresheners
  4. Astringents.

How to Apply a Facial Toner

Here you will know how to use facial toner on the skin.

Normal people apply skin toners in three different ways:

  1.  Spraying on the face
  2.  Use a cotton round
  3.  Use a tonic gauze facial mask 

Benefits Of Using Facial Toner

Other than making the skin feel firm, there are numerous other benefits of using facial toner as it helps in shrinking pores on the skin, restoring the skin's pH balance, acts as a moisturizer to maintain hydration, adds a layer of protection to the skin, refreshes the skin and prevent ingrown hairs.

It's also helpful for the acne and dry skin


Toner is considered the second step after cleansing and a base for using serum and moisturizer. Toner helps to maintain pH balance and freshness of the skin. Before using a toner, you have to use a cleanser to clean the skin.

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