HIS ONLY - Launching the Best Ammonia-Free Mustache & Beard Color

HIS ONLY - Launching the Best Ammonia-Free Mustache & Beard Color by Vince Care
When discussing men's grooming products, beard colors consistently rank high for attaining classy styling. If you are a haircare freak like many others, you must be aware of the truth about how vastly the haircare industry is rising. The plethora of information from multiple sources has transformed men’s approach towards hair care.
The Haircare industry is around $99.53Billion industry and has a 1/5th share of the overall beauty industry. Notably, men have a big share as consumers.
Yet, due to the wide variety of products in the market and changing trends, it's hard to find the right product. In response to this dilemma, Vince is set to introduce the Best Ammonia-Free Mustache & Beard Color. This dynamic product addresses men’s beard grooming concerns, offering a healthy solution for a dashing appearance.

Shift in Men's Beard Grooming Rituals

It is quite fascinating to observe that Pakistani society is evolving. Now, Beard and Moustache are not just a sign of masculinity, but they style the overall personality of a man.

Furthermore, the market is loaded with beard care products including oils, conditioners, creams, and beard dye colors. All the grooming stuff offered out there is a mix of synthetic and natural formulations, providing a broad range to meet different needs.

As men increasingly include grooming products in their daily routines, the landscape is changing to represent a dynamic combination of traditional and contemporary styles.

HIS ONLY-The Trend Setter

After the successful journey of launching ultra-beneficial products for national and international customers, Vince has stepped ahead. Furthermore, with the changing scenario and personal care practices, the beauty industry has started focusing on men's care range.

Hair color and beard & mustache colors stand out when it comes to the point of men’s grooming and trendy styling. In consideration of the needs of a vast majority of men in Pakistan, Vince is launching HIS ONLY, Best Ammonia-Free Mustache & Beard Color

Best Natural Black Mustache & Beard Color in Pakistan


However, If you have ever struggled with the artificial look of your facial hair color, or wonder how men out there look flawless with a natural-looking beard dye, try out Vince’s revolutionary chemical-free facial hair color.

This all-in-one magic comes with a complete coloring kit that includes, color cream, color developer, trey, brush, gloves, and color correcting conditioner. Additionally, if you want to transform your appearance, style your beard first with a natural color.

Your Mustache and Beard’s Best Ally

Facial skin is the most delicate part of the human body which requires special attention. You have to be mindful while selecting an organic mustache color. Because, a product with harmful chemicals can damage the protection barrier of your hair, and they can also cause severe irritation on the facial skin.

Coloring the facial fuzz with an ammonia-free color can help to reduce any sort of itching or irritation on the facial skin due to color application.

Vince’s HIS ONLY ammonia-free beard & mustache color is specially formulated by keeping all skin and hair-related concerns in mind. Thus, no harmful chemical is used in this color. So, feel free to use it and experience natural beard coloring.

HIS ONLY Beard & Mustache Color Benefits

No Use of Ammonia

The premium quality HIS ONLY is an ammonia-free grooming product enriched with natural ingredients. This means that there will be no harm to hair cuticles.

This substance is used widely in the production of beard & mustache colors as it has the power to change the PH of hair, completely fade away the natural hair color, and make it easy to leave the dye on the cortex with permanent results. But this chemical has proven to harm the hair by making it rough, dull, and frizzy. 

Vince’s HIS ONLY best ammonia-free beard & mustache color will give the solution to all these problems by using skin and hair-friendly materials without compromising the quality of the product.

Eco-Friendly Approach

The beauty industry is taking a major part in causing pollution. The dirtiness caused by chemical formulations and plastic packaging is leading to severe health damage. How to stop this destruction?

Reducing the production of products is not the right solution. Then what? Opting natural formulations and recycling the products is something that can save the world from pollution.

Therefore, Vince is a leading brand in Pakistan in formulating Eco-friendly products. We prefer natural ingredients over synthetic components. Because harsh chemicals not only cause damage to the environment but harm the human skin and hair as well.

Moreover, HIS ONLY is not just the best ammonia-free mustache and beard color but its complete formulation is enriched with natural ingredients. The main ingredients of color cream are avocado oil, olive oil, vegetable protein, and cocoa butter. And the color-correcting conditioner is enriched with squalene, vegetable protein, and jojoba oil.

Additionally, Ammonia can harm human lives in many ways. For example, it can cause diseases from mild to severe. Starting from itching and burning to severe respiratory diseases. (This gas is also potent enough to cause water pollution, and air pollution, and can potentially damage soil fertility.) But Vince’s eco-friendly mustache dye is immune from this deadly gas making the dye completely safe to use.

Non-irritating Mustache Color

Have you ever felt irritation after applying the dye on the scalp, mustache, or beard?  If yes then chemicals present in the hair or beard color have done this with you. That’s why, it is always recommended by the specialists to avoid ammonia, sulfate, paraben, or other harsh chemical-based formulations.

But, in a market loaded with a wide variety of products, it's hard to find the right and non-irritating beard dye. However, Vince’s HIS ONLY can be your best comrade as it is formulated with natural ingredients.

Another key feature that makes it the best ammonia-free Beard & Mustache Color is, that it gives a 100% natural look without making the appearance too sharp.

What is Inside HIS ONLY?

The coloring process requires not just cream and developer. But, from gloves to a brush and trey, everything is required. We understand how tiring it is to collect six items just to color your beard. That’s why, we have packed all the essentials including color cream, color developer, gloves, trey, and brush. 

Moreover, the specialty of HIS ONLY is that it has a color-correcting conditioner along with the whole kit. Here is the complete guide;

How to use these objects;

  • Use the trey for color mixing and use the brush for color application.
  • Add an equal amount of color cream and color developer in the trey. 
  • Rinse off the brush and trey after completing the application process.
  • Facial skin is sensitive and so is the facial hair. So, shampoo formulated with harsh chemicals can leave a harsh effect on the skin, it can also damage the hair. For this reason, HIS ONLY box contains a conditioner in it. This premium quality conditioner is enriched with Jojoba oil and Avocado oil.
  • For a gentle finish, wash the mustache and beard with this mild conditioner. It does not lighten the natural beard coloring and makes the beard soft and shiny.
What's Inside the box

Variety of Shades:

The purpose of beard color is not just to cover the grey hair. But it styles the overall personality of a man. A wide variety of beard color shades is beneficial because it suits various preferences and needs, letting people show their unique style and individuality.   

With a variety of shades available, you can match or compliment your beard color to your natural hair, hide grey hair with ease, and adapt to seasonal changes or fashion trends.

The variety of beard color options allows individuals to personalize their appearance, adding a sense of originality and satisfaction to their grooming regimen.

The greatest aspect of HIS ONLY best ammonia Mustache and Beard color is that it comes in four different shades, such as;

You can easily select the shade that suits you the best and enjoy a thicker and fuller finish along with the long-lasting effects of the best ammonia-free mustache and beard color. This ammonia-free grooming secret ensures a classy finish. Moreover, its natural ingredients make the beard healthier by nourishing it.


Vince never compromises on the formulations of products by adding harmful chemicals to them. HIS ONLY Moustache and Beard color is clear proof of the claim that Vince’s specialty is natural formulations. HIS ONLY is ammonia-free and enriched with natural ingredients like avocado oil, olive oil, vegetable protein, jojoba oil, and much more. 

If you want a stylish and natural beard dye healthily, this dye can serve you in the best way. 0% ammonia grooming of this beard dye has the natural look magic. The premium formulation comes in four different shades. The variety of shades compliments each individual’s unique style preference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What makes "HIS ONLY" stand out in the world of beard coloring products?

HIS ONLY stands out because of its ammonia-free, natural formulation, and complete kit including brush, trey, and conditioner. This beard color does not just prevent mess, residue, and irritation, but it gives thicker and fuller coverage ensuring a dye that looks natural and lasts longer.

Q2: How does "HIS ONLY" redefine the concept of the best ammonia-free mustache and beard color?

Ammonia is a harsh chemical that damages the cuticles and leaves dye on the cortex. This causes hair damage; however, Vince’s top priority is the production of gentle and effective products. That’s why we have introduced an ammonia-free beard dye that is enriched with natural ingredients. It gives natural natural-looking color within 10 minutes without compromising on health.

Q3: Why is ammonia-free important in mustache and beard coloring products?

Ammonia-free colors are important as this color is directly applied to the facial hair which can harm the human skin, cause allergies, and in some cases, can cause severe respiratory issues. No ammonia means less possibility of hair and skin damage.

Q4: Why choose "HIS ONLY" over other brands offering ammonia-free beard coloring products?

Choose HIS ONLY because it gives 100% natural coverage. Furthermore, it is a premium-quality formulation of natural ingredients that creates no mess, and leaves no residue or bad smell. This dynamic dye along with the color-correcting conditioner nourishes the beard and makes it softer and healthier. 

Q5: Can users expect long-lasting results with "HIS ONLY" Mustache & Beard Color?

Yes, Vince’s HIS ONLY is long-lasting, so you don't have to reapply it over and over. Its extra powerful and premium quality formulation is gentle on the facial skin and facial fuzz, it nourishes the mustache and beard while leaving a natural and long-lasting dye. 

Q6: What should users expect from the launch of this new product?

The user should expect several benefits. For example, it has no harmful chemicals,  has extra conditioning properties, and no bad smell. This quick-fix beard dye has all the essentials packed in HIS ONLY box that a man needs in the dying process. It also ensures thicker, fuller, and longer-lasting coverage. 
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