Natural Black - Beard & Mustache Color

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Vince His Only Beard & Mustache Color:

VINCÉ Exceptional Ammonia-Free Color is an advanced Formula, infused with a unique blend of the finest ingredients that is effective even on the coarsest facial hair. It helps to cover grey without leaving any residue on the skin while giving a natural look. It keeps your beard and mustache looking fuller, vibrant, and captivating. Vince His Only Beard & Mustache Color offers all the benefits in one pack that makes it unique. It is an advanced ammonia-free formula which is easy to use, gives 100% natural look, causes no mess, no irritation, and do not have any bad smell.

Quick & Faster Application

Gives quick & faster results as this color contains everything which makes it easier to color beard & mustache in just 5-10 minutes. Experience long-lasting coverage until the grey grows back.

100% Grey Coverage with Natural Look

Its extra-strength color properties work gently to cover grey without leaving any residue on the skin while giving a natural look and maintains the highest level of gentleness, ensuring it does not cause any skin irritation.

Pack Contains Everything

Vince is offering a color that is all in one. This His Only Beard & Mustache Color is portable enough to carry anywhere because it contains everything that is needed to color hair like gloves, brush, tray, Color Cream, Developer, and conditioner as well. Attention; the color cream tube comes in the front seal, you will have to unseal it with the help of its cap before use and the developer tube doesn't have any seal, you can use it easily while just opening its cap.

How To Use

Step 1
Squeeze out the equal proportions of Color Cream & Developer in a mixing tray provided in the box.
Step 2
Mix the texture well by using brush. Must wear the gloves given in the box.
Step 3
Apply petroleum jelly or lotion to avoid minor staining on the face.
Step 4
Apply the mixture equally from the root to the tip with the help of user-friendly brush given in the box and comb through to ensure even distribution.
Step 5
Wait for 5-10 minutes & rinse with conditioner.
Step 6
You can also use Vince Real Beard Leave-In Cream for post color nourishment & softness.

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Natural Black - Beard & Mustache Color
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