7 Best Oily Skincare Routines for Men

7 best skincare tips for men with oily skin

Perfect skin is a decisive element in men's personality, no matter wherever they go or whoever they meet. Unfortunately, most men experience oily skin due to larger pore size and excessive sebum production, which produces excess oil on the skin.

Oily skin is one of the most common skin concerns that most people face, and they want to eliminate this abnormal situation. Oily skin is not fully bad, but the excess oil on the skin may cause specific skin issues and acne breakouts. 

So, considering all these things, we have prepared the seven best routine tips for people suffering from oily skin. By adopting a specific healthy skincare routine and effective skincare products, you may get rid of oily skin up to a great extent. After reading this article and getting sufficient knowledge about this skin concern, you will be able to tackle this skin challenge.

7 Best Oily Skincare Routine Tips

To make your skin oil-free, we are presenting Seven genuine skincare tips that you can include in your skincare routine if you face this skin issue.

oily skin routine

Like many other skin concerns, oily skin becomes a complicated challenge for the affected people. So, to minimize and reduce excessive oily complex, try and include these Seven tips in your daily skincare routine.

1.     Cleanse Your Skin Twice Daily

Cleansing is an essential and initial step in skin treatment development. The first step in a skincare routine is to cleanse your skin twice a day to proceed to the next steps. If you have acne-prone and oily skin, cleansing the skin will be a relaxing activity.

Don't cleanse your skin a lot of times in a day. Because if you have oily skin and want to remove oil from your skin, and you are in the habit of cleansing from time to time, then the skin will produce extra oil to maintain its moisture. So, you will get more oil as a result of this activity.

2.     Exfoliate your Skin once a Week

Exfoliation is the process of rejuvenation of your skin. In this process, the dead cells present in your cell are shed away, which can clog pores. In addition, if you have impurities on your skin, they may also be treated with exfoliation.

It also helps to control excess sebum production and oil on your skin. So, exfoliation is the best method to be included in your skincare routine to eliminate oily skin.

The exfoliation should be done once or twice a week. For better skin health, do not do extra of this number because excess exfoliation, like every other activity, maybe not be beneficial and reasonable for your skin. There is some exfoliating scrub available that can be helpful for men's skin to get rid of oily skin.

3.     Using of Toner

lightening toner

Toner is a skincare product considered practical to be used during your skincare routine. Toner is a product helpful in balancing the pH level of the skin. It also helps to reduce the oil from the skin and gives the skin a less oily complexion.

It would be best if you used the toner after cleansing the skin. It also eradicates lingering impurities and makes your skin clean, pure, and oil-free.

4.     Include retinol in the Skincare routine

retinol night serum

Retinol is another good product that most skin experts suggest to people with skin problems like pores, wrinkles, and excess oil. Retinol helps to refine pores and works in the depth of your skin.

It is also suggested that if you have included reliable retinol in your skincare routine, you need to use broad-spectrum sunscreen because it will prevent the sun hypersensitivity created by retinol.

Retinol helps to promote cell turnover, and It also helps to improve the appearance of Wrinkles. Including it in your daily skincare routine will help to reduce and overcome the excess sebum production and oil on the skin. Retinol makes your skin clear, soft, and oil-free.

5.     Use a Moisturizer

Suppose you are a working man working in an area with poor environmental conditions, and you are facing dehydration. In that case, you usually use moisturizer to make your skin moist and hydrated.

Retinol Night Serum


Moisturizer is a need for every skin type, even for oily skin. Because in case of oily skin you have to cleanse it and sometimes it brings oil to balance the moisture on the skin. You usually use moisturizer to balance your skin's hydration and stop excess oil production.

So, you should include a reliable moisturizer in your daily skincare routine. The moisture barrier of the skin created by moisturizer preserves skin from acne-causing bacteria.

In case of an oily skin challenge, you should use moisturizer once or twice a day rather than cleansing your skin from time to time to remove extra oil.

In addition, moisturizer removes Skin roughness and dryness and makes your skin soft, smooth, and reliable. 

6.     Purify with a Clay Mask

A clay mask is a thing that helps your skin to be restored to its genuine and natural shape. Many Clay Mask products are available in the market. If you have pores on the skin, they can be cured and purified by the Clay mask.

A clay mask also helps to control extra oil on your skin by controlling the excess sebum. It makes your skin healthy and gives it a natural complex and beauty. So, if you suffer from oily skin, you should include a Clay mask in your skincare routine.

7.     Spot Treat Blemishes

Sometimes breakouts appear on your skin. The oily skin can also be the reason for these breakouts. So, you should also include a spot treatment product in your routine that will reduce and relegate the pores once they appear. A reliable product also helps to minimize acne blemishes.

In addition, the in-depth cleansing of pores is also associated with spot treatment products. So, to make your skin pure, clear, and cleanse, try to keep spot treatment products with other skincare products used in your daily routine.

Things to be Avoided During Oily Skincare Routine

After discussing a perfect routine for oily skin, it is time to discuss which things you should avoid during your skincare routine and which things you should adopt that most people avoid and ignore during their routine that can be helpful for their skin.

  • Forgetting to blot away excess oil

Most people forget to remove excess oil from their skin using blotting paper. Instead of this, they cleanse their face after every few minutes, which is not a healthy routine.

Instead, you should blot away excess oil by pressing the blotting papers against your oily skin, and this paper will absorb and blot away the excess oil from your skin. So, don't forget to use blotting papers during your oily skincare routine.

  • Skipping skin cleansing after you exercise

Specialists suggest cleansing your skin at least twice daily in a routine. But if you exercise daily, It will be an excellent habit to cleanse your skin after exercising.

Most people skip this thing after exercise, which should be avoided. The cleansing after exercise will remove sweat, dirt, and oil from your skin and make it fresh and clean. So, after exercising, cleanse your skin with your daily cleanser and apply a soft layer of moisturizer.

  • Choosing the Wrong products

When they face skin complications, most people vigorously buy different skincare products to get rid of these complications. Unfortunately, their skin becomes more challenging this way, and the products damage the skin tissues and layers.

So, dermatologists advise buying reliable skin care products and avoiding products with alcohol that can increase oil on the skin instead of removing it.

  • Skipping Sunscreen

Most people have a terrible habit of skipping sunscreen when they go outside to work or shopping. Always use sunscreen if you have a plan to go for outdoor activities.

It will protect your skin from sun radiation and other environmental issues. Use can also apply a light moisturizer to your skin and then use sunscreen. In this way, your skin will be more protected and safe.


Your skin requires special attention and care to get rid of those problems indulged. So, men with oily skin who want average moisture and soft skin should adopt a healthy routine to eliminate skin problems.

In this article, we have briefly discussed a healthy routine you can adopt and suggested what you need to adopt and avoid to make your skin healthy, reliable, soft, and nourished.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  • Should men do skincare?

Ans: Yes, skincare is as essential for men as for women. So, men should take proper care of their skin.

  • What is the perfect Skincare routine for men?

Ans: Men should cleanse their skin twice a day. Use a reliable toner, moisturizer, retinol serum, and sunscreen according to the nature and needs of their skin.

  • How can men improve theirs?

Ans: Men can improve their skin by adopting a balanced skincare routine. A skincare routine may help them to get fresh, moist, and nourish their skin.

  • Does oily skin also a problem for men?

Ans: Yes, many men suffer from oily skin. It can be cured by adopting an effective skincare routine and using reliable skincare products.

  • Does moisturizer can be used on oily skin?

Ans: Yes, a light moisturizer helps maintain proper moisture in the skin. You may use moisturizer after the cleansing of the skin.

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