Whitening Body Milk
Vince Whitening Body Milk is enriched with the brightening qualities of Alpha Arbutin & Mulberry Extract, which helps to reduce dark spots, melanin production, and pigmentation. This super-rich body milk effectively moisturizes the skin, brightens and whitens your body complexion,...
Hydrating Body Milk
Vince Hydrating Body Milk effectively responses to your skin's dehydration and lack of moisture. This lightweight body milk is a unique blend of Hyaluronic acid, Coconut Oil, and Dura Quench IQ, which help to provide long-lasting hydrating effects. It makes...
Skin Repairing Body Milk
Vince Skin Repairing Body Milk is formulated with the goodness of hyaluronic acid and honey that effectively helps to relieve dryness and unevenness by deeply hydrating the skin. This gentle body milk profoundly reduces dry skin cells, promotes healthier, soft,...
Nutritive Body Milk
Vince Nutritive body milk is packed with the goodness of Pro-vitamin B5, which helps to improve skin suppleness and retains skin moisture levels. This ultra-nutritive body milk smoothly and rapidly absorbs into the skin, soothes skin irritation, and makes your...
Soothing Body Milk
Vince Soothing Body Milk gets its rich soothing qualities from peppermint oil that gives comforting & calming properties and provides the skin with deep down moisture. This wonderful body milk moisturizes the skin, soothes irritation, prevents dryness, redness, and helps...
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