What are the Causes of Dead Skin Cells & How to get Rid of Them

Dead Skin Cells - Causes & How to get rid of them?

There are a lot of natural processes taking place in our body and creating their significant role in the collective development of our body and health. The production of new cells and the shedding of dead skin cells is also a natural process in our body and makes our body develop properly.

For our health, especially for the health of the skin, the production and nurturing of new cells and shedding of older and dead cells from our body is an essential process that needs to take place for our healthy life.

Causes of dead skin cells and exfoliation

Sometimes, due to some reasons and issues, these dead cells remain in our skin and cause many skin problems. So we should seek and need to understand the role of cells in our skin, and if we are having issues with our skin, we should try to find the reason that may be the occurrence of dead cells on our skin.

Here, you will get information about the best remedies that can be a proper solution for getting rid of dead skin cells.

What are Dead Skin Cells?

There are sebaceous glands in our skin that have the natural ability to produce hydrating oil, and they have a built-in process through which they produce new cells and shed the old and dead ones.

Skin cells are composed of the protein known as keratin and formed in the layer of our skin known as the epidermis. A cell in its life cycle travels from the epidermis to the dermis and then reaches the outermost layer of our skin. The outer most layer of skin cells knows as Dead skin cells. 

Human Skin

When cells reach the outermost layer of our skin, they die and then shed away from our skin. This process is known as desquamation.

According to research, almost 40,000 cells are shed in an hour in our body through the desquamation process, and a cell takes nearly one month to reach the destination of desquamation.

What are the main causes for dead skin cells build up?

Thousands of cells are shed from our skin on a daily basis, and they make a reason for the production of new cells in our body.

But there are some factors and reasons that cause the dead cells to remain on the skin's surface instead of being shed away. Most important factors are as follows.

  1. Age
  2. Lack of proper cleansing
  3. Makeup products
  4. Not exfoliating 
  5. Not using proper moisturizer
  6. Sun exposure and climate changes 

1. Age

As our age increases, the desquamation process slows down. This is because the capability of shedding dead skin cells and upbringing new skin cells weakens according to age.

Skin layer aging process

When the desquamation process slows down, the production of oil decreases, making our skin drier and rougher which causes the dead cells to build upon our skin.

2. Lack of Proper Cleansing

Don't you have the habit of cleansing your face every night? Then you may have a greater chance of dead skin cells building up on your skin.

If you are suffering from dead skin cells on your skin and want to get rid of them, you should be aware of the cleansing of your skin. Try to use the best face cleansing milk to to get rid of dead skin cells. 

3. Makeup Products

If you are using many makeup products on your skin in daily life, then it will not be possible for dead cells to be shed away from your skin.

In addition, due to thick makeup layers, it can be impossible for the skin to clear away the old and dead cells and create new ones. So, for better treatment of skin-related problems, you should be aware of your makeup residue.

4. Not Exfoliating 

Exfoliation is a process that enables dead cells of the skin to slough away and enhance the production of new cells.

You can also try these 5 Natural Ways to Remove Dead Skin Cells from your face

However, not exfoliating the skin even twice a week creates the problem of remaining dead cells on your skin. So, you should exfoliate your skin one or two times a week to get rid of dead cells.

5. Not using proper moisturizer

Exfoliation and cleansing your face is a thing that can help you maintain the proper health of your skin, but these are not enough.

Using a helpful moisturizer is key to keeping your skin away from dead cells. The dry skin can become prey to the dead cells. So, you should use the best moisturizer to stay away from the possibility of dead cells to stay on the skin.  

6. Sun exposure and climate changes 

The uncertain climate changes can also be a reason for sticking and building up dead cells on your skin.

Some climate changes make your skin lose hydration, and then your skin becomes drier, which creates a reason for the building up of dead cells on your skin.

Sun exposure is also a reason for dead cells build-up. Therefore, you should stay away from the harsh sun rays and apply safe sunscreen to protect yourself from harmful sun rays.

4 Best Ways To Get Rid of Dead Skin Cells

After the complete and brief discussion about the leading causes of the building up of dead cells on the skin, So now here are the process and solutions that can be helpful you in getting rid of this problem.

dry and dead skin cells

To maintain the proper health of your skin, you should care about the different concerns that may help maintain skin health.

  1. Gently cleanse your skin 
  2. Steam your face 
  3. Exfoliation 
  4. Use moisturizer

1. Gently Cleanse Your Skin 

Cleanse your skin to get rid of dead cells is a traditional way that is accepted mainly. Here are some valuable tips to cleanse your skin.

  1. Rinse and clean your skin with warm water.
  2. Apply cleansing milk to your skin.
  3. Gently rub fingertips on your skin.
  4. Clean your skin with somewhat cold water. 
  5. Use a towel gently to pat your skin. 

    This method will be helpful for you in removing dead cells from the skin. 

    2. Steam Your Face 

    Steaming your face to slough away dead cells from your skin is considered an ideal and soft method. Steam opens your skin tissues and loosens the dead skin cells from your face.

    Therefore, it is the perfect method to achieve dead cell-free skin. You can steam your face with these methods. 

    1. The Washcloth method, you can soak a piece of cloth in warm water and let it on your skin for some minutes. Later on, you can remove it. It will help remove dead cells.
    2. Bowl method, boil water and put it on a table in a bowl. Put your face above a particular distance on that bowl; your face will consume and absorb the steam. All the dirt and stuck dead cells on your skin will be removed with this method.

    3. Exfoliation 

    Exfoliation is considered the most accepted method to remove dead skin cells and keep your skin soft, smooth, and healthy. Vince Whitening Scrub Face Wash is an ideal exfoliate that removes dead epidermal cells. There are other different and diverse ways to exfoliate your skin.  

    1. Physical Exfoliates

    Physical exfoliators are small physical objects used to scrub and remove all the dead cells from your skin. 

    2. Chemical Exfoliators

    Instead of physical objects, chemical exfoliators commonly use chemicals to eliminate dead cells from the skin. The chemicals can be citric acid or lactic acids.

    Some experts recommend chemical exfoliators compared to physical exfoliators because they may harm your skin in the case of physical exfoliators. 

    3. DIY Exfoliators

    You can exfoliate your skin by making scrubs at home. In addition, you can remove and slough away the dead skin cells from your face by using oatmeal, baking soda, and salt items at your home.

    You can also use Papaya Face Wash, a mild dead skin cells exfoliator that helps weed out dead skin cells and reveal clear skin.

    4. Use moisturizer

    Applying a high-quality moisturizer will be helpful for your skin in removing unwanted skin cells from your face. In addition, you need to use a good moisturizer to maintain your skin's hydration.

    Some useful products to remove dead Skin Cells

    If you want to keep your skin smooth and super radiant, you can also use some useful products that might be helpful for your skin to remove dead skin cells. These useful products will boost hydration and make your skin moist. After using these, your skin will be smoothed and have fewer wrinkles.

    whitening face wash for dead skin cells

    You can use Papaya Face Wash and Whitening scrub face wash to get good results in removing the dead skin cells. These products contain essential ingredients that might be helpful for you to get positive results in this regard.


    These  are the most common problems of dead skin cells. Every problem comes up with a solution. By getting all the essential and productive details about dead skin cells, their presence, causes, treatments, and remedies. These are some expected solutions for this problem and eradicate the root causes of dead cells and permanently get rid of dead cells from your skin.

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