How to get rid of stretch marks on your arms, thighs & legs? Vince

How To Get Rid OF Stretch Marks From Arms, Thighs, Legs

Have you ever faced some depressed and slightly parallel lines on your body, especially on your arms, thighs, and legs? This is a very common and usual problem that most people face more than one time in their lives.

When these stretch marks appear on someone's body, he might feel fear that these stretch marks are normal or these appearing marks are a result of any serious health issue? 

Do you also search to know the actual reasons for these stretch marks on your body? Or in any case, if these stretch marks may appear on your body at any time, what should you need to do in that case?

What is the actual position of these stretch marks in the subject of health and body?  

In this article, we will discuss all the relevant details and issues concisely about these stretch marks, their cause of arising on your body, the precautions that are needed to avoid the chances of appearing these marks on your body, and their treatment. 

The Nature of Stretch Marks

Do you know, how stretch marks look on our bodies?

The somewhat pinkish or whitish color scars that appear on your body when your skin shrinks or stretches accidentally and abruptly are stretch marks.

This is because our body has a natural protective system manifested in our body for its protection in any unusual situation.

Therefore, when our skin shrinks in any immediate problem, some pinkish color stretch marks appear on our bodies. These stretch marks usually appear on our shoulders, arms, thighs, back, breasts, and belly.

To heal and cure this problem, Collagen, which is a protein in our body, tries to balance our body skin.

stretch marks on your body

What are the Leading Causes of Stretch Marks?

Have you ever thought about the actual and genuine reasons or causes behind the appearance of such marks on the different parts of your body? Several causes produce changes in your skin that make way for the formation of these types of stretch marks on your body. 

Now, we will discuss the causes of stretch marks on our bodies. 

1. In women, one of the leading causes of these stretch marks on the body is pregnancy. 

2. A hormone known as Cortisol is considered a cause of stretch marks on our body because there are elastic fibers in our body that help us to maintain the structural balance of our skin in an abrupt change; this hormone weakens these fibers, which results as the appearance of these marks on different parts of our body. 

3. The extraordinarily rapid growth in children or teenagers also causes a reason for stretch marks on the body. 

4. Researches show that excessive weight gain or rapid loss of weight is also the cause of stretch marks on the body. 

5. Bodybuilding and some skin surgeries are also the reasons for appearing stretch marks on your body. 

Stretch Marks Side Effects On Health

A question may arise in your mind about whether the stretch marks are dangerous to health or not?

The answer to this question is that there is no profound effect of these marks on our health, but somehow they make a pain when that specific part of our body on which stretch marks appear has been moved in any direction. 

The rudeness of stretch marks makes you uncomfortable about your normal health.

Although there is not a serious issue of having these stretches on your skin, for the precaution of your body and to avoid infections and other complexities, you need to concern your doctor about these stretch marks.

How can we get rid of stretch marks?

Everyone wants to get rid of those unhealthy and unusual bodily complexities which make them uncomfortable about life. So, getting rid of stretch marks from your whole body will be your priority when you see these marks on any part of your body.

To prevent stretch marks, you should make your body avoid any abrupt and unhealthy movement. 

To remove stretch marks from your arms, thighs, legs, or any other part of the body, you will have to increase the level of Collagen in your body.

Collagen will help you to gain elastic fibers in your skin. You can get rid of these stretches by removing the redness and skin swelling when you face abrupt physical changes in your body.

However, there are also some remedies and treatments for removing stretch marks from the different parts of the body. If you face this problem, these remedies will be helpful for you regarding this.    

1. Home treatments

There are also some effective home remedies for stretch marks that are helpful in this problem. 

We are going to discuss these remedies below. 

  1. For increasing the body's elasticity and enriching Vitamin E in the body, Argan oil is beneficial in this regard. In addition, argan oil has an enriched ability to reduce the stretch marks on your skin. 
  2. It is known that lemon juice is also beneficial in this problem. Therefore, cutting the lemon from its center and rubbing a slice of lemon on an affected area also give fruitful results.
  3. To prevent damage and remove stretch marks from the skin, olive oil is also a helpful treatment. The use of olive oil on stretch marks makes it possible to remove such marks.
  4. Black tea contains Vitamins, some beneficial minerals which help reduce the stretch marks on your skin.

    2. Use of Gels/Creams:

    It is said that there is no permanent and absolute treatment for stretch marks to remove them altogether, but there are some remedies that can help reduce these marks from your body.

    Some useful creams and gels for stretch marks are helpful in this regard. 

    1. Collagen boosting creams help increase the Collagen in your body. It will make it possible to reduce these marks on your skin.
    2. Aloe Vera Gel helps to reduce marks from your skin. Use Vince Aloe Vera Gel on the affected areas of your body; that gives amazing results on stretch marks. 
    Stretch Marks After Pregnancy: Causes & Prevention Tips
    Stretch marks, look like indented lines on your skin. 
    When stretch marks first appear, they may feel a slight bulging, but eventually, they will feel like a bit of strain on your skin. They may also be itchy when arise.
    Read this if you want to know about stretch marks before and after pregnancy
    In pregnancy the womb of mother get instant growth, which makes skin stretched and create marks on the belly of mother. 

      How to prevent stretch marks from your life?

      Stretch marks are a problem primarily seen in women during their pregnancy, but these scars can also be seen in our daily life. So we need to maintain our health to make it possible to get rid of these types of stretch marks from our bodies.

      The six to eight glasses of water in a day also reduce the probability of appearing these stretch marks on our skin.

      Stretch marks on thighs and arms are common and can be seen in many people. In this case, you need to increase the level of Collagen in your body to prevent such types of stretch marks.


      In this article, we have discussed the stretch marks on our thighs, legs, arms, and other body parts. We discussed the nature, causes, and reasons for these marks on our body and suggested the different easy and applicable treatment methods to cure these stretch marks.

      Hence, it is concluded that there can be several reasons behind the appearance of stretch marks on your body, and can also cure stretch marks, and there are many treatments that can be helpful to get rid of these stretch marks from our body.

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