How to take care of acne-prone skin in Summer? An Ultimate guide

Take care of Acne Prone Skin in Summer

Many beautiful and essential things and circumstances are associated with the Summer season. This season is known for enjoyment, picnics, different games, outdoor activities, and much more. But some adverse aspects are linked with this season. One of those aspects is acne-prone skin.

We know that sun rays and radiation harm human health, especially human skin. There are different types of skin that we usually have, and the most challenging type of skin that requires our great concern and attention in summer is acne-prone skin. If you have this specific type of skin, then the summer is the season that can be a reason for unpleasant feelings for you. Because due to high temperatures in summer and extreme heat, our skin can be affected.

If you have acne-prone skin, you will have excess oil on your skin in summer. In addition, extreme heat and sunlight can bring on oil production, clogged pores, and sweating, which can make acne more challenging in Summer.

So, to avoid acne in the summer season, you must know how you can care for your skin in the hot summer season. In addition, it would help if you had sufficient awareness about acne prevention and treatment during this season. Therefore, this article will briefly discuss the causes of acne-prone skin in summer. In addition, what are possible and valuable remedies that can be helpful for you to get rid of this problem in the summer season will also be discussed?

This article will be an ultimate guide to taking care of acne-prone skin in summer.

What is acne-prone skin?

Acne-prone skin is the type of skin on which breakouts have occurred and has a propensity to develop and build up pimples and comedones. In its appearance, it is usually oily, and in summer, the oil production increases with the temperature. When sebaceous glands produce an excessive amount of sebum, this skin type appears.

Acne-prone skin can be a problem for people of every age. According to some medical research, almost 80% of teenagers have this type of skin, and 54% of women also experience breakouts. Therefore, acne skin requires great consideration, and it is not the standard type of skin that we think we do not need to care about especially. This skin requires proper treatments and care to get rid of acne and breakouts. There is also a specific time required to get rid of this skin problem.

Cause of Acne-Prone Skin in Summer

Acne is a common skin problem throughout the world that can be the reason for pimples on the face, chest, forehead, shoulders, and back. However, many causes are behind acne-prone skin that needs to be understood and required to be treated for the treatment and care of skin. These causes may be due to fluctuating hormonal levels, genetics, stress, oily or greasy skincare products, and extreme environmental changes.

Here, some natural causes of acne-prone are going to be discussed.

1. Blockage of follicles

There are sebaceous glands on our skin that produce sebum, making oil production on our skin. If we have dead skin cells, then sebum carries these cells through follicles to the upper layer of our skin. Pimples grow when the follicles block and oil build up in our skin layers. Due to this adversity, bacteria and swelling occur that cause acne.

2. Hormonal factors

There are many factors and aspects that trigger active acne, but the one reason that is considered most is the hormonal factors. Due to some hormonal changes in adolescence or any age, sebum production increases, leading to acne-prone and pimpled skin.

3. Medications

Some medications also can be the reason for acne skin in summer. In summer, there are a lot of bodily changes due to seasonal and environmental changes. The medications having lithium and androgen may also be the reason for this problem.

4. Greasy Cosmetics

People who are in the habit of using different heavy and greasy types of cosmetics and makeup products can face the problem of acne. In addition, some skin-related products are harmful to the skin and its health, so that they can cause breakouts and pimples on the skin.

Therefore, you should be attentive and aware while choosing makeup or cosmetic products for your skin.

5. Weather conditions

Different weather conditions and weather changes significantly impact our skin health. For example, air pollution and high humidity can affect our skin and lead to acne-prone skin. In addition, the summer season can increase the oil production on our skin, and excess hot sunlight and sun rays can affect our skin and be the reason for acne.

6. Stress

Our mental and psychological health significantly impacts our physical and skin health. If you are taking too much stress in your life about different things, it will lead you to different health problems and skin-related problems. For example, stress can increase the hormone cortisol, which will cause acne.

7. Genetics

The root cause of acne-prone skin can also be genetics. If this skin problem has presented mostly in your forefathers or ancestors, it can also be transferred to your genes. Many health issues are the root cause of our heredity.

How to take care of acne-prone skin in Summer?

Acne-prone skin is not a simple problem. it requires attention and proper treatment. In summer, the acne-prone skin can be significantly affected compared to any other season. So, the treatments for this problem are going to be discussed here.

1. Do not scrub or use harsh exfoliants

Some people think that the acne problem is due to dirt and atmospheric substances remaining on our skin, so they harshly scrub their face and use harder exfoliants to get rid of this problem. But the research shows that acne is not a problem associated with dirt. So the using of hard exfoliants can only lead to more skin problems.

2. Diet

Our diet has a significant role in our health. However, not caring about diet may result in acne-prone skin. Medical researchers prove that people who consume different vitamins and proteins in their diet have a lower chance of indulging in this skin problem. To get rid of acne skin, you should pay attention to your diet and food. Do not use junk and spicy foods in Summer.

3. Using tea-tree oil

Medical research on human skin shows that tea-tree oil can moderate acne problems. So if you have indulged in acne-prone skin problems, you can use this oil to get rid of this problem.

tea tree oil for glowing acne prone skin

4. Moisturizers 

Acne-prone skin causes inflammation feelings in the skin. Moisturizers can soothe your skin and moderate acne. In addition, moisturizers can make your skin smooth and prevent your skin from inflammation and further breakouts. So, people suffering from acne can use moisturizers to maintain their skin normal.

multi level moisturizer

5. Do not squeeze the pimple

Popping or squeezing the pimple may be harmful and dangerous for your skin. It leads to further acne production on other areas of the skin, and in this way, ance will not be cured easily. In addition, the squeezing of pimples can leave pigmented scars on your face, so you do not need to squeeze them. Instead of popping or squeezing, you need to treat acne medically.

6. Stay away from oily foods

In summer you must stay away from eating oily foods. The oily foods, like french fries, chips, and other junk foods, have saturated oil and increase your body's cholesterol and blood pressure level, leading to acne on your skin. So, in summer, you must avoid these foods and use only healthy foods containing vegetables, fruits, and vitamins.

Also, avoid processed food; it can increase sebum production; this way, the oil production on your skin will also increase, which will trigger acne production.

Fiber plays an essential part in your body in getting rid of body toxins. So, eating fiber-rich foods will prevent acne.

7. Use Vitamins in Diet

Vitamins play an essential role in your health. So, including vitamins in our diet can prevent us from many skin health problems. Including Vitamin A in your diet will be helpful for you Because it is a good source and originator of carotenoids that are essential for skin health. Other things, carrots, spinach, papaya, and tomato juice, also contain carotenoids that can be helpful for us in getting rid of acne-prone skin.

8. Do not use makeup

Sometimes, makeup products can make acne worse and more irritating. To get rid of acne, you must avoid makeup products. If it is required to use makeup, you need to use non-irritating and non-comedogenic makeup products. In addition, using different creams and makeup products can increase the oil production on your skin, making it possible to increase acne and inflammation.

9. Everything in moderation

If you have an acne problem, you must have the temptation to get rid of this skin problem immediately. Therefore you use different skincare products that can be helpful in this problem according to your understanding. But using these other products can disrupt the acid mantle and microbiome. So, it would help if you were moderate in treating this problem. These are some great ways to get rid of stubborn acne and prevention tips.

10. Be consistent

Consistency is required in every success of the world. If you are struggling with your skin problems, you should be consistent in treating them. Because the skin is the sensitive part of our body, it requires time and attention to be recovered. Skincare treatment is an evolutionary process, and the skincare routine needs to be implemented and accepted wholeheartedly and consistently.

11. Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is considered a remedy for acne-prone skin. Pores can be reduced and unclogged by salicylic acid. In this way, pimples will shrink and disappear. It also has a built-in solution for inflammation. It has anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, you can use salicylic acid as a toner and moisturizer.

General preventions for acne-prone skin

You must be aware of specific habits and daily life routines that can affect your skin. So, you should accept and manage a healthy lifestyle for your skin health.

1. Stay away from harsh scrubs and be gentle to your skin.
2. Do not pick, squeeze or pop the skin.
3. Avoid oily and processed foods and use vegetables and fruits.


So, this article has concluded all the essential details about acne-prone skin in Summer. In this article, the causes of this problem have been discussed, and also the proper treatments and remedies have been briefly explained here. We hope that this article and the content described in it will be helpful for you regarding skincare and problems.

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