What Are The Causes of Cracked Heels? Remedies, Prevention and More

causes of cracked heels Remedies prevention and more

Cracked heels are known as one of the most common foot problems in men and women. Due to this problem, your feet lower skin, especially heels, can cause discomfort for your feet and body. This problem can affect every person of any age. However, this problem occurs mostly in women. Due to cracked heels, you feel bothered while walking, and the feeling of discomfort always remains your companion when you go anywhere.

The cracked heels seem more frustrating when you want to visit your relative house because of their invitation. The cracked heels look ugly and give a negative impression about a person's personality.

It is a common problem that most people are suffering from. According to research, only in the United States, 20% of people usually face a cracked heel problem.

Every health problem has its root cause. We have to tackle and terminate that root cause to eliminate the problem, which is the outcome of that root cause. Cracked heels also have causes that must be terminated to eliminate this heel problem.

Here, we will explore sufficient information about cracked heels and the primary reasons that cause this problem and give you a proper solution that will be helpful for you in getting rid of cracked heels.

Causes of Cracked Heels

cracked heels

There are specific reasons and causes behind the occurrence of cracks in your heels. Our heels are usually cracked due to a lack of moisture. We need to keep our heels moist and hydrated to make them soft and crack-free. Although many other reasons make your heels cracked and dry, you will see it here.

1. Vitamins Deficiency

There are many causes of heel cracking. But, vitamin deficiency is one of them. If you lack these essential vitamins, then maybe result in cracked, thickened, and rough heels. Vitamins play an essential and supplementary role in our body growth, and our heels also require vitamins to remain soft and smooth.

2. Aging

Our body skin loses its moisture as we age, resulting in dry skin. Aging is also the reason for cracked heels. When we age, our skin loses its essentials, and hydration is one of them. As a result, our skin becomes dry due to aging, leading to roughness and cracks in heels.

3. Standing for a Long Time

Standing for long hours on feet causes stress on heels, resulting in their cracking. You need to avoid standing for a long time on your feet in the same position.

4. Walking Barefoot

Walking here and there barefoot is also the main reason for heels cracking. Bare walking affects our heels badly, so you need to avoid it. Also, barefoot walking on a floor in winter or cold weather causes cracks in your heels.

5. Long-Time Shower 

Taking a shower for a long time in hot water can also affect your heels. When you take a shower in hot water for a long time and then come out and walk on the cold floor, it causes cracks in the heels.

6. Non-Comfortable Shoes

If you are using a pair of shoes in which your feet are not properly fixed or not comfortable with the size of shoes, then it may affect your heels, resulting in the cracking of heels.

7. Using of harsh soaps

If you wash your feet with harsh soaps or other harsh cleaning products, you will be affected by cracked heels. Harsh soaps remove and terminate the natural moisture and essential oils from the skin of your heels, and then it usually leads to cracked and thickened skin. In addition, harsh products remove the required hydration from your skin, so always avoid them.

8. Temperature and weather

Climate changes also affect your heels. Due to climate changes, sometimes, your body's skin becomes dry and irritated, which leads to cracked heels. In addition, cold temperature and low humidity cause cracks in heels. Therefore, you must maintain your skin temperature to prevent heel dryness and cracks.

9. Not Drinking Enough Water

When you do not drink and use enough water in your daily diet, your body loses its required and essential water level. The lack of water level in your body causes dehydration, leading to dry and rough skin. In addition, when you do not drink enough water daily, then your heels lose moisture and hydration. In this way, they become cracked.

10. Having Diabetes

Different diseases cause many skin problems. For example, in diabetes, our body loses its hydration, and excess sugar in the blood causes an imbalanced situation in the body. As a result, overall body health is infected by diabetes, and our skin is also damaged by diabetes. So, heels can be infected by this disease and lead to irritated, dried, and cracked skin.

How to get rid of cracked heels?

You might be thinking about what you can do to get rid of cracked heels. Cracked heels cause pain as well as uncomfortable feelings. Sometimes, this problem becomes so severe that it can be the reason for bleeding in heels. So, reasonable care is very important and indispensable for your health.

After discussing its causes, we will explore the treatments and remedies for the prevention and treatment of cracked heels. You need to follow these tips and remedies to get soft and smooth heels.

1. Soak and exfoliate your feet

Our skin around the heels is naturally thick and drier than the other parts of our body. And this skin tends to split and crack when the pressure is applied to them. So to remove the dryness of heels, soaking and moisturizing the heels can help get rid of dry heels.

Vince Foot Scrub
  1. For it, you can keep your feet in soapy water for upto twenty minutes.
  2. You can use any foot scrubber, loofah, or promise stone to remove the hardness and thickness of the skin.
  3. After that, apply a thick moisturizer or heel balm to the cracked heels.
  4. You can also apply Vince Crackless Heel Careem over your feet to keep your heels hydrated & adequately healed.

    This method will be helpful to you in eradicating the cracked heels problem.

    2. Honey

    Honey also gives natural moisture to your heels and fulfills the lack of hydration. Honey can be used in different prospects for heels. After soaking, you can use it as a foot mask to cure the cracked and thickened heels.

    Honey is a natural remedy for different internal and external body diseases. It can also be used as a treatment to cure cracked heels. The research shows that honey has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that help cure wounds and cracks in the body. Therefore, we can use honey for curing, cleaning, and recovering wounds. 

    3. Coconut oil

    Coconut oil is commonly used as a remedy for many skin-related issues. It is considered the best choice for curing dry and rough skin.

    coconut oil

    The coconut oil helps your skin to retain moisture in it. After the soaking of the foot, using coconut oil is known as the best treatment to heal cracked heels. It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial qualities that can be helpful for cracked and dried heels. It prevents your heels from severe infections and bleeding and cures them as soon as possible due to its natural curing credibility.

    4. Maintain hydration

    Proper hydration is essential for our health, especially our skin. Our skin becomes dehydrated, dull, irritated, rough, and cracked without hydration. In addition, hydration maintains moisturization on our skin, preventing multiple skin problems and other health-related issues. Therefore, you need to keep your body hydrated and moisturized by drinking sufficient water during the day.

    Your heels also need hydration. The cracking of heels can be treated and cured if you maintain hydration in your body. For it, you should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day. By drinking water, your skin will remain moisturized and hydrated, and it will be helpful in cracked heels treatment.

    5. Treat deficiencies

    Certain deficiencies in your body also cause cracked heels. For example, vitamin B, C, and E deficiency causes cracked and dried heals. Therefore, you should include healthy foods, fruits, and vegetables to tackle the vitamins deficiency in your body. When vitamin deficiency is tackled, it may be possible to get rid of cracked heels.


    This article has discussed the essential knowledge about cracked heels. We have discussed many reasons for your cracked heels and how to treat them. So for this purpose, we discussed the best remedies and possible solutions that you can adopt in your home and care for your cracked heels. We hope that this article has given you essential pieces of information about your heels cracking and also will be helpful in the treatment of this issue.

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