Is daily sunblock safe for dry skin? Let’s find out!

Is daily sunblock safe for dry skin Let’s find out!
In the relentless fight against sun rays, finding a strong defense is an absolute necessity. With the plethora of options in the market, finding the right one for your dry skin is another challenge. In the journey of ultimate skincare, the sunblock is a super defense. In the scorching heat and hot climate in Pakistan and other Asian countries, sunblock is a necessity, not a luxury.


Finding appropriate sunblock is possible when you have complete knowledge about your skin. Sounds funny? Yes, it's true! Choosing a sunblock that suits your dry skin is an even bigger challenge. In this blog, you will get to know if the daily sunblock is safe to use for dry skin or not. So, let’s dive deep.

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Understanding Dryness of The Skin

Skin dryness is a common skin-related phenomenon. There might be several reasons for skin dryness like genetics, lack of water intake, usage of harsh topical products, and environmental factors. In such cases, skin becomes dry, rough, and flakey. But the sunblock usage is non-negotiable. Whatever the reason for skin dryness, skipping sun protection can worsen the skin condition.

Sunblock's And Skin Types

For choosing any skincare product, knowing your skin type is a must. Generally, there are a few broad categories or skin types. Namely; normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin. No matter what skin type you have or what kind of skin-related problems you face, if you want to have good skin, sunblock is integral. It helps to combat various skin-related issues.

A few points that should be kept in mind are that there are several sunblocks available in the market. But not everyone suits your skin type. However, a few highly quality-conscious brands have these high-standard sunblocks that suit almost every skin type and help in better skin protection against UV rays. One of these brands is Vince. Vince’s sunblocks are completely safe to use daily even if you have dry skin.

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Is Sunblock Safe For Dry Skin?

Dermatologists suggest that no matter what kind of skin you have, sunblock is a safe option for any skincare regimen. It also protects the skin from other skin problems like tanning, burning, and sensitivity. That is why it must be incorporated in the morning skincare routine.

Is Sunblock Drying Out The Skin?

The answer to this question is, maybe. Some sunblocks might cause skin dryness but not all sunblocks can be attributed to such a problem. It might sound vague but the truth is that there are various factors for skin dryness. Merely sunblock should not be deemed to be the culprit for this skin problem. But there are a few things that might become hidden causes of skin dryness while using sunblock.

  • The first reason why people assume that sunblock causes dryness to their skin is that it contains astringents in its formulation. The major protection against UVA and UVB is possible because of these astringents.
  • These are strong active ingredients and potentially reduce the sebum and oil secretion of the skin. This leads to dry skin dryness.
  • Some of the sunblocks contain alcohol content in them. This ingredient strips away natural skin oils which might cause dryness.
  • The presence of chemicals in sunblocks can be irritating to the skin. These chemicals sometimes cause a little dryness to the skin.


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Sunblocks And Moisturizers Are Not Alternatives

Those who have dry skin should incorporate sunblock in their skincare routine. However, there is a misconception regarding sunblock and moisturizers. People usually consider them a substitute for each other, which is wrong. This practice leads them to skin dryness. Because the skin needs complete moisturization as well as sun protection. Which means that both are equally important.

keep in mind that sunblock is not a replacement or alternative to moisturizer. Sunblock has a protection factor whereas moisturizers keep the skin hydrated. Some people think that these can be used as alternatives. But the fact is that they work well when used together. One protects the skin and the other hydrates it. Thus using sunblock is completely safe for dry skin.

Hydrating Formulations

In addition to the above-mentioned fact, the formulation of the sunblocks is also an integral thing. If you have dry skin, look for sunblocks that have a hydrating formulation. The presence of humectants, emollients, ceramides, occlusive, and antioxidants can give better results to dry skin. This kind of formulation helps to not only keep the skin protected but also hydrates the skin with effective ingredients.

Effective Sunblock Usage

Appropriate usage of sunblock is also important to achieve the proper efficacy of the sunblock. The one who has dry skin should know the usage of sunblock to get maximum benefits. For example, a good amount of sunblock should be used. Usually, the amount of sunblock equal to the length of two fingers is recommended for every skin type. Too little usage of sunblock may result in less efficacy for dry skin.

Myth vs Fact

People usually think that sunblocks dry out your skin. As they contain strong ingredients. But the fact is that they are formulated in such a way that they suit the skin if you choose according to your skin type like dry skin. 

In the market, sunblocks have different variations. When you opt for a sunblock according to your dry skin, make sure it contains hydrating ingredients.

And also keep the product’s quality in view. In case of such problems as skin dryness, choose a sunblock that contains a minimum concentration of alcohol and other astringents. This will reduce the probability of skin dryness. 

However, proper hydration internally and the application of moisturizers cannot be neglected no matter how mild sunblock you use.

Expert Advice

One of the widely recommended skincare products by dermatologists is sunblock. Globally 12.3% of men and 29.0% of women greater than the age of 18 wear regular sunblocks. The sunblock market is expected to become $24.9 billion.

Dermatologists often advise the ‘APPROPRIATE’ way to apply sunblock. They also emphasize on the reapplication of sunblock if needed. As per observations, the inappropriate use of sunblock can lead to skin dryness. If you apply judiciously on your skin you can avoid the skin dryness issue.

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Sunblocks are undoubtedly the inevitable skincare product. No matter what kind of skin type you have. They are generally safe to use. But like any other skincare product, having complete knowledge of skin type and sunblock is important. You can easily incorporate any sunblock in your skincare according to your skin type.

Additionally, any sunblock that contains hydrating ingredients can also be chosen. This will not exacerbate the skin dryness and will help to keep skin healthy and protected.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can sunblock help moisturize dry skin?

Usually no, but sometimes it may work as a moisturizer depending upon the formulation of the sunblock. Its prime purpose is skin protection, not hydration. Some sunblocks contain glycerol and other moisturizing agents but dry skin needs more moisture that is why merely using sunblock is not suggested. As sunblock is not a replacement for moisturizer, particularly for dry skin.

Q2. What ingredient should I look for in sunblock for dry skin?

If you have dry skin and are looking for a sunblock with added hydrating ingredients can be a good choice. As dry skin needs hydration more than normal skin that is why look for ingredients like emollients, humectants, botanical extracts, and ceramides in the sunblock that give protection and hydration simultaneously to the skin.

Q3. How often should I apply sunblock on dry skin?

As a rule of thumb, sunblock should be applied after two hours. But if you have less sun exposure, you can lessen the frequency of reapplication. Likewise, in case of excessive sweating, sun exposure, or swimming, you should reapply sunblock frequently, even before two hours.

Q4. Will sunblock worsen my dry skin condition?

Generally, sunblocks are safe to use if you choose according to the skin type and sun exposure. But sometimes it may irritate the skin if any harmful ingredient is present in the sunblock. 

The main culprits that harm the skin are preservatives, fragrances, and alcohol. The presence of such ingredients might cause problems for dry skin. 

If your sunblock contains humectants and other hydrating agents, it's completely safe to use.

Q5. Can I use sunblock under makeup on dry skin?

Yes, you can use the sunblock under makeup. But before applying makeup, let the sunblock completely settle on the skin in 3-5 minutes. Then you can apply makeup on it.

You should apply sunblock on dry skin, but keep in mind that it is not a replacement for moisturizer. Using a good moisturizer is also an integral part of skincare.

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