The Difference Between Beard Dye and Temporary Beard Color

The Difference Between Beard Dye and Temporary Beard Color


For men’s grooming and transformation, what else can be more important than beard & mustache? Coloring a beard can be the first step of one's ideal change in looks and style. Whether you want a touch-up to your grays or want a transformative look, a bold shade, or an enhanced natural beard color, join us and explore the ins and outs of the grooming world.

Right from selecting the appropriate shade to the whole process with extreme precision and ultimate fineness, this blog will give you a complete guide that will surely help you go for the right option for your transformation through coloring your beard & mustache.

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Beard Dyes and Temporary Beard Color

In the unending world of self-grooming and personal styling, bead dyes and beard colors are used interchangeably. But technically they are not the same. There exist several differences in both of them. By definition, any color that permanently alters the hair pigment is called dye.

A sort of color that settles on the hair's outer layer without penetrating the inner hair shaft is called permanent hair color. Besides this basic difference, several other differences exist between the two. Let’s go deep down to know about these differences.

  1. Formulation
  2. Application
  3. Results
  4. Effects

1. Formulation

The main difference between the beard dyes and temporary beard color is their formulation. Beard dyes have a chemical composition. These chemicals open the hair cuticles and settle permanently on the hair. This results in the permanent alteration of beard color. These chemicals let the color easily penetrate the hair shaft by removing cuticles and permanently settling on the hair. Resultantly they also make the hair weak due to the presence of chemicals in it. 

On the other hand temporary beard colors are formulated in such a way that they do not permanently change the beard color. And also lasts for a short period.

2. Application

The second main difference between beard color and beard dye is their application method. To dye a beard and mustache, a proper procedure has to be followed to get good results. For example, opting for the right shade, mixing cream and developer, applying for a specific time, and then rinsing the color off. But temporary beard colors are readily available solutions.

They are available in the form of sprays, powder, color-depositing conditioners, coloring shampoos, and coloring brushes. You just have to apply them and you are ready to go as they do not require rinsing off after application.

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3. Results

The third difference between beard dyes and temporary beard colors is that the beard dyes give results after rinsing them off but the temporary beard colors give instant results. You don’t have to wait for a long time to get the results.

Another major difference is that the dyes last longer as they permanently alter the hair pigment whereas the temporary hair color settles on the hair that lasts soon. Depending upon the color, it may last till a few washes.

4. Effects

Another difference that lies between the bread dyes and temporary beard colors is their ultimate effects. As far as beard dyes are concerned, they have harsh chemicals and tend to harm the overall hair health by opening the hair shaft. Resulting in the brittleness and weakness of the beard. They have some impacts on facial skin as well. 

The chemicals present in them might cause irritation and allergies to the facial skin. On the other hand, temporary beard colors are benign options. They are not formulated with harsh chemicals. That is why they are a comparatively good option if you have any skin-related issues or want to avoid any irritation.

Tips For Men Grooming in Pakistan

Young man getting his beard styled at the barber

As far as men’s grooming in Pakistan is concerned, it is not merely about looking good or having a transformed look. It's a matter of associated culture, traditional values, and on top of all personal preferences. There are several tips tailored for men to transform their looks by choosing either beard colors or beard dyes.

Always look for good options for hair dyes or colors that give you natural results with their natural formulation. Like Vince’s colors which give good coverage with the natural ingredients.

Skin safety and hair health must be kept in mind too while selecting the beard options. In case of reactions or precautionary measures, consult a doctor to seek proper advice.

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  • Always be mindful of the application method of beard color.
  • Do conduct patch tests before application.
  • Do not use hair colors to dye your beard.

If you want colors for a longer time, opt for the dyes. But if you are concerned about hair health, you can opt for temporary beard colors that are gentle on the hair and facial skin.


The world of style and grooming indeed has endless possibilities for men. A Plethora of options for beard dyes and beard colors are there which can be chosen according to need and ease. From natural shades to modern hues, there are abundant choices allowing individuals to groom their style. However, prioritizing skin health and hair problems is an essential part of getting desired results and avoiding any inconvenience.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is the primary distinction between beard dye and temporary beard color?

The primary distinction between beard dyes and beard colors is their formulation. Beard dyes are chemically formulated to change the beard colors whereas the beard colors have mild ingredients in their formulation.

Q2: How long does the color last with beard dye compared to temporary beard color?

Beard dyes have long-lasting attributes as they settle on the hair shaft by removing the hair cuticles and changing the color permanently. On the other hand beard colors are temporary colors that may fade in a few washes.

Q3: Are there specific differences in the application process between the two products?

Yes, there is a difference between their applications. Beard dyes have proper application methods like selecting the proper shade, mixing appropriate quantity, application of the color, rinsing off, etc, etc. but beard colors are a good solution that takes only 53-5 minutes to apply. Some of the colors do not require washing after application as they are in the form of gels, power, or sprays.

Q4: Do beard dye and temporary beard color have different effects on beard texture?

As they have different formulations, that is why they have different effects on the beard. Dyes have harsh chemicals in them which is why they affect hair health and also cause irritation (in some cases) for the face. On the other hand beard colors are comparatively mild on the beard and facial skin.

Q5: How often should beard dye and temporary beard color be reapplied?

Beard dyes are long-lasting as the chemical used in them gets settled on the hair shaft and gives color for a longer time. You only need a touch-up application on the newly grown hair. But beard colors are temporary because they fade away within a few washes.

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