The Ultimate Guide to Combination skin in Summer

Guide to combination Skin in Summer

Every human has its skin type, which reacts to the environment and other circumstances in its specific manner.

In summer, combination skin can be a challenge for you because summer affects our skin in different ways.

Although summer is a season with many great things and different opportunities that you can only enjoy this season, there are also some unusual things attached and associated with summer, and combination skin is one of them.

Do you have combination skin? You must have many questions about your skin type, the causes of combination skin, how we can deal with it, and the best treatments, remedies, and skincare routines for this type of skin in summer.

This article will be an Ultimate guide to combination skin in Summer.

What is combination skin?

Combination skin is known as two different skin types on the same skin. If you have dry and flaky skin on your cheeks while oily and shiny skin on your forehead, nose, and chin, then you can say that you have combination skin.

In this type of skin, your cheeks remain dry, but your T-Zone, i.e., forehead, nose, and chin, remain oily and have a shiny look due to excessive sebum or oil production.

Combination skin type is known as one of the most common skin types that most people in our society have.

    The Ultimate Guide to Combination skin in Summer

    After discussing the leading causes and other crucial details about combination skin now, we will discuss the possible remedies and essential information about this skin problem that can be helpful for you to make your skin healthy, oil-free, and glowing in summer.

    1. Divide and Conquer.
    2. Use Oil Absorb Ingredients.
    3. Avoid products with excessive fragrance or other irritants.
    4. Stay hydrated.
    5. Beneficial Cleanser on Combination skin.
    6. Toner For Combination Skin.
    7. Use suitable moisturizer.
    8. Use Sunscreen.
    9. Avoid heavy Makeup products.
    10. Exfoliate your skin in Summer.
    11. Protect skin from sun exposure and heat.

    1. Divide and Conquer

    It is a fact that in a combination skin problem, your skin is divided into two parts, an oily part in which the nose, chin, and forehead are included, while the dry part in which cheeks are included.

    So, it will not be easy for you to care for your face simultaneously as a whole. So, you need to divide and split your face into parts like oily and dry and then deal and care for these parts accordingly.

    2. Use Oil Absorb Ingredients.

    In Summer, the sebaceous glands produce excessive sebum, which causes oil production on your skin.

    To get rid of combination skin problems in summer, you need to use products that can be helpful for you to absorb extra oil from your skin. You need to apply those products only to areas affected by oil production rather than on the whole face.

    3. Avoid products with excessive fragrance or other irritants.

    Some products are harsh for your skin and make a base for extra damage to your skin. Products that include harsh ingredients or fragrances do not need to use them on your skin.

    Because these products are equally harmful to dry and oily skin, if you use them, oily parts of the skin will become more oily, and dry areas will become drier and rough.

    4. Stay hydrated

    Hydration is essential for your skin health. To maintain hydration on your skin, you need to drink sufficient water a day. In combination skin, your skin areas, especially cheeks, remain dry and rough.

    which causes skin irritation and breakouts. Therefore, it is mandatory that in the summer season, you must drink eight to ten glasses per day to maintain hydration on your skin.

    5. Beneficial Cleanser on Combination skin.

    To remove extra oil from your skin, you can use any helpful cleanser for your skin. However, due to excess oil on the skin and other issues.

    There is also a chance of dead skin build-up, so you have to use a cleanser to remain clean and free from bacteria and other harmful particles that can affect your skin.

    6. Toner For Combination Skin

    Toner is also helpful in this problem. Toner can remove extra oil from your skin and balance the skin's pH level. So, you can use toner on hot summer days to get rid of extra oil and combination skin.

    7. Use suitable moisturizer

    In Summer, use a lightweight moisturizer on your skin. It is confusing that there is already much oil produced on the skin in the summer season, so why should we use a moisturizer on the skin?

    The moisturizer keeps our skin hydrated and regular, and it prevents excess oil production. In addition, moisturizer nourishes your skin and prevents acne and breakouts. 

    8. Use Sunscreen

    In Summer days, the hot sunlight and rays can damage our skin tissues and cells and cause various skin problems.

    In addition, the excessive production of oil on your T-zone on hot summer days may also be due to the sun's harmful rays.

    So, it would help if you used sunscreen in outdoor or outdoor activities. It will protect your skin from harmful sun UVA & UVB rays and prevents excessive oil production on your face.

    9. Avoid heavy Makeup products

    On summer days, you do not need to use heavy makeup products. A thick layer of makeup can block the dead skin cells shedding from your skin and can make a reason for dead skin build-up on the skin.

    It will cause skin problems, and your skin will become dry and rough. So, if it is necessary to avoid heavy makeup, if you are using makeup, use a high-quality makeup remover in the evening in summer to make pores unclogged and allow the skin to breathe. 

    10. Exfoliate your skin in Summer

    In summer, exfoliation of skin makes your skin healthy and nourishing. However, heat, dirt, pollution, sun rays, and UV radiation can harm your skin and its tissues on summer days.

    There are also the chances of dead skin build-up on your skin in summer. The chances of excessive oil production also increase in summer if you have a combination skin type. To get rid of all of these problems, exfoliation of the skin may be helpful to you.

    11. Protect skin from sun exposure and heat

    Sun exposure in Summer is harmful to your skin. If you want to eliminate excessive oil production in your T-zone, use suitable lotion or sunscreen and wear sunglasses while moving in sunlight to protect your skin from harmful radiation and sun exposure.

    10 Secret Natural Tips To Keep Your Skin Moisturized
     Moisturization is a key success for our skin health. Moisturization keeps our skin healthy, fit, and environment friendly. Our skin requires adequate moisture to work and function properly. 
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    Use some ingredients for combination skin

    1. Hyaluronic acid

    This acid is an essential remedy for your combination skin problems. In addition, this is a valuable remedy for your whole face. It can hydrate your skin, moisturize it, and make skin healthy.

    2. Salicylic Acid

    For combination skin, it is also helpful. It regulates and manages oil production on your skin and removes bacteria & other unwanted material from your face and skin that can cause severe skin damage. 

    3. Antioxidants

    Antioxidants are beneficial in protecting against environmental damage. For example, they protect against sun exposure, UV radiation, excessive heat, and sun rays. In addition, if you use products containing vitamin C, they will help you maintain your normal skin health.

    Use healthy food

    Food plays an essential role in our overall body health. Our body is a machine that is run by the food we eat in our daily routine. Therefore, if you do not use healthy food, your skin health will be affected. 

    In summer, you need to eat healthy food, fruits, and vegetables to keep your skin healthy and nourished. However, unhealthy foods can fluctuate your hormone level and affect the overall working of your body, which can also affect your skin and its health.

    Stay away from junk foods

    In summer, to maintain your skin health, you must stay away from junk and processed foods. Junk and processed foods contain unhealthy ingredients that can badly affect your health.

    For example, junk, spicy and oily foods can pressurize the sebaceous glands to produce sebum. In this way, oil production will increase on your skin. So, to take care of combination skin and other skin-related problems, you must stay away from junk and spicy foods in summer.

    Be consistent

    All this discussion requires you to maintain your skin health. You need to be consistent and committed. Every problem takes time to solve and cure.

    Our skin is a sensitive part of our body that requires consistent behavior to have been treated. Our skin cannot be cured by using only one or two skincare products. It requires a proper skincare routine to take care of combination skin fully.

    Signs of Combination Skin

    To deal with your type of skin, you must know what type of skin you have and what are its basic signs through which you can understand your skin problem. Here we are discussing the signs of combination skin.

    1. If you have large open pores and oily patches on your skin, it means you have combination skin. Sebaceous glands provoke excessive sebum that produces oil. In this way, the pores can be blocked by dead skin cells, and as a result, pores become open.
    2. Due to excess oil production, you will have shiny skin, especially on T-zone, if you have combination skin. This is the major sign of this type of skin.
    3. Dandruff is also a sign of combination skin. Many people who deal with combination skin issues have flaky and dry patches on their scalp, head, and face.
    4. If you are dealing with acne breakouts and dry patches simultaneously, you have combination skin. Acne breakouts and dry patches can be the signs of combination skin.

    Causes of Combination skin

    Every skin has its nature and sensitivity. If you have combination skin and excess oil on your forehead, nose, and chin, then there can be multiple reasons behind this skin problem.

    To set a proper skincare routine of combination skin or excess oil production on the skin, you must have a proper understanding of your skin naturally and know the causes that create a base for combination skin. 

    Here some significant causes are going to be discussed about combination skin.

    1. Our skin nature and structure also change as we age, so the skin changes due to old age can also cause combination skin problems.
    2. When the sebum production increases, it can be the primary cause of the excessive oil production in your T-zone. Sebum production is a natural phenomenon, and it is also healthy for our skin. But when it crosses its natural limit, it will become a skin problem. So, excessive sebum production is also the reason for combination skin in summer.
    3. Genetics is also a reason for combination skin. If your father or mother has been indulged in this problem, then it is a chance that you can also fall into this skin problem. Many health issues have their origin in heredity, and skin-related problems also originate in heredity.
    4. Uncertain environmental changes and their effects can also cause this skin problem. The abrupt changes in the environment and our skin reaction to that environment also be a reason for combination skin.
    5. If you use harsh makeup products and hard cleansers on your skin, it can also be a reason for combination skin. Complex skin products can make your skin drier, and to maintain moisture needed for the skin, it produces oil which leads to excessive oil production and combination skin problems.


    So, It is concluded that combination skin can be treated and cured by proper precautions and following a proper skincare routine.

    This article contains a brief discussion about the causes of combination skin, its treatments, skincare routines, and possible remedies.

    This is the ultimate guide for combination skin in summer; we hope this guide will be helpful for you in solving combination skin problems.

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