Top 5 Ways to Repair your Skin's Moisture Barrier

Top 5 Ways to Repair Your Skin Moisture Barrier

Our skin has a built-in protection system by which it can fight against some harmful external and environmental substances. We live in an environment, and our environment has different benefits as well as harmful substances.

There are some issues that are associated with our environment that can damage or affect the natural protective system of our skin.

To maintain our skin health, we need to rejuvenate this skin barrier to make our skin layers able to protect themselves from further damage.

If you are suffering from a skin moisture barrier damaging problem, then this article will provide you with sufficient knowledge about this skin problem and also provide you with an ultimate solution to get rid of this problem.

So, let's start the journey.

What is the Skin Moisture Barrier?

Our skin has a top layer that is known as the stratum corneum, and our skin barrier is a part of this layer. This outermost layer is composed of skin cells that are called corneocytes.

A lipid interface that attaches and glues them together. It can be called your skin barrier.

The lipid interface is composed of cholesterol, free fatty acids, and ceramides. This thin brick wall usually makes your skin alive. 

Skin Moisture Barrier

This skin barrier saves your skin from environmental toxins and pathogens and other harmful impacts of the atmosphere and weather.

Without this skin barrier, your body and also in this case, the water in your skin can evaporate and escape from your skin. It will result in rough and dehydrated skin.

How to Repair Damaged Moisture Barrier?

 Well, these are the 5 most effective ways to repair your skin moisture barrier. After this brief discussion, if you are suffering and facing this problem, what can be the best solution? How to cure and repair skin barriers to make your skin healthy and moisturize. 

  1. Find the cause of the damage
  2. Don't Over wash or Exfoliate the skin
  3. Use moisturizer
  4. Try plant oil to repair the skin barrier
  5. Maintain your Diet

1. Find the cause of the damage

Every problem have a cause, and the solution to everything is to drive its root cause and then try to solve it. There may be many reasons for skin barrier damage that we have mentioned before.

You should find a substantial basis for this skin problem. After eradicating this cause, you will be able to repair the damaged skin moisture barrier.

2. Don't Over wash or Exfoliate the skin

You do not need to overwash or over-exfoliate your skin to get rid of skin problems. It can lead to further skin problems.

Overwashing or exfoliating skin can affect the lipid barrier on your skin, resulting in skin barrier damage. Always wash your face once or twice a day with only a suitable cleanser. Do not use harsh and brutal products on your skin.

3. Use moisturizer

When your skin barrier gets damaged, your skin loses hydration. After damaging the skin barrier, the water in your skin starts evaporating, and it lacks hydration in your skin.


At this time, the first essential thing is to maintain the water level in your skin. The use of moisturizing cream will help you in this way. Moisturizer will keep your skin smooth and hydrated, and you will be able to get rid of skin barrier damages.

4. Try plant oil to repair the skin barrier

It has been observed in Medical research that certain plant oils help repair skin barriers because they contain some ingredients that can hydrate our skin and also repair and replenish the skin moisture barrier. These oils have the credibility of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects.

These are the effective and helpful plant oils you can use for your skin.

  • Rosehip oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Soybean oil
  • Argan-oil
  • Borage oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Almond oil

These are the best plant oils that can be helpful for your skin. You can use those products containing these oils or use these oils directly on your skin in the correct way. These oils will help maintain hydration and moisturization on your skin.

5. Maintain your Diet

An unhealthy diet causes many skin problems. If you are in the habit of using spicy, processed, and junk foods, these foods can affect your skin health and can also be the reason for skin barrier damage. Our skin layers will become healthy if we eat healthy foods.

6 Major Causes of Damage Skin Moisture Barrier

According to medical research, there are plenty of causes that damage our skin's moisture barrier. 

In this way, the external toxins find their way to enter our skin. When these toxins and irritants enter our body, our skin health is affected by them, and then it becomes rough, dry, irritated, and oily.

you can find here damaged moisture barrier symptoms, that will help you to make your decision at right time. Your face skin is the most sensitive part of your body.

These are some effective causes of skin moisture barrier damage.

  1. 1. Over washing
  2. 2. Over Exfoliation
  3. 3. Environmental and weather conditions
  4. 4. Stress
  5. 5. Aging

1. Over washing

Some people over wash their faces by thinking that they can save their skin from external toxins and harmful impacts on the environment in this way. Although washing your face is a good habit, it is said that excess of everything is terrible, so over washing can also harm your skin.

Over washing can affect your skin barrier, and if you are using harsh products for your face cleansing, it may result in a damaged skin barrier. So, to protect and repair the skin moisture barrier, you should avoid over washing your face.

2. Over Exfoliation

Exfoliation is indispensable for our skin health, but everything for skin should be used in a balanced way. If we over-exfoliate our face or skin, it will remove the dead skin cells and extra oil from our face, but it can also damage the skin barrier required for our skin health.

The skin barrier protects our skin from unwanted inversion of external substances in our skin, and over-exfoliating of face and skin can damage it.

3. Environmental and weather conditions

The air, dust, dirt, and other environmental changes can also affect your skin and damage your skin barrier layer. Our skin is the most sensitive and crucial part of our body, so extreme weather, environmental conditions, and changes can damage and affect the outer layer of our skin.

It is suitable for skin health that you should not walk in an environment having dust or dirt in it and need to limit your outdoor activities in pollution or extreme heat. 

4. Stress

If you do not sleep or suffer from stress, it can also be the reason for skin barrier damage. Research shows that not sleeping and being stressed can cause many skin problems, and damage to the skin barrier is one of them. So, to protect your skin health and repair the damaged barrier, you should do your proper sleep and need to be freed from stress.

5. Aging

skin aging problem

Aging is non-recoverable and also inevitable. With age, our skin affects, and it can also cause a change in the skin moisture barrier. When we age, our skin moisture barrier gets weaker, and then due to other external reasons, it is also damaged. If you are aged and facing this problem, then it is not a thing that cannot be possible. 

Common Precautions and Preventions for Skin Moisture Barrier

  1. Always take care of your skin as we know that our skin is a sensitive part and it requires our proper attention in any serious problem. So, do not ignore skin problems.
  2. Always try to overcome the harmful environmental effects and impacts on your skin. These harmful toxins and pollution can enter our skin and damage the skin barrier.
  3. Always use helpful and healthy products on the skin. You must avoid unnecessary and harsh chemical-based products on your skin. These products can damage your skin.
  4. Use moisturizer lotion and always try to keep your skin hydrated in case of a damaged skin barrier. It will help to overcome this situation.
  5. Do not over wash or over-exfoliate your skin. These habits can remove essential skin barriers from your skin. So, keep yourself in balance while caring for your skin.

You can preserve your skin barrier by hydrate yourself well. The most common causes of damage and affected skin moisture barrier are lack of skin care routine. All the essential details about caring for skin barriers are explored in this article that will be helpful for you to maintain your skin health.

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