Top 9 Ways to Reduce Hyperpigmentation

top 9 ways to reduce hyperpigmentation
You probably have noticed the skin of some people where you usually see that certain areas of the skin are somehow darker than other areas of the skin. This condition of the skin is called Hyperpigmentation.

Hyper simply means more, and pigmentation denotes the colour of the skin. When some areas of your skin distinctively look as darker, blue, pink, or brown as compared to other areas, It's known as Hyperpigmentation.

If you have this problem, then you will have to adopt a specific lifestyle and daily routine that may help you to get rid of Hyperpigmentation. Here, we are going to discuss the causes, solutions, and treatment of this skin concern that will definitely be helpful for you to get rid of this problem.

What Causes Hyperpigmentation?



The excess of melanin in your skin generally causes Hyperpigmentation. There are a lot of reasons that trigger the excessiveness of melanin, which results in darker and hyperpigmented skin.

There are reasons for pigmentation on your skin that you need to know to eluding and ending these problems. Your skin becomes hyperpigmented when you live in anyone or more of the following conditions.

  1. Hyperpigmentation can result from prolonged and repeated exposure to UV radiation that increases melanin synthesis.
  2. Hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause and taking hormonal medications can also cause Hyperpigmentation.
  3. Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, This occurs after an injury to the skin, such as a cut, burn, or acne.
  4. Some medications, such as tetracycline, minocycline, and phenytoin, can cause Hyperpigmentation as a side effect.
  5. Hyperpigmentation can run in families and can be a result of genetic factors.
  6. Certain skin diseases, such as melasma and vitiligo, can cause Hyperpigmentation.
  7. As we age, our skin also ages and becomes thinner and more susceptible to Hyperpigmentation.

9 Ways to reduce Hyperpigmentation on Face

causes of hyperpigmented skin

If you are suffering from Hyperpigmentation, then you must be looking for the answer to the question of how to remove pigmentation from the face. There are some solutions available that you can use as hyperpigmentation treatment for the face or body.

Here, we will explore the 9 best hyperpigmentation treatments that will help you to get natural and pigment-free skin.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar.
  2. Yogurt or Milk.
  3. Green Tea.
  4. Vitamin C.
  5. Red Onions.
  6. Aloe Vera.
  7. Licorice extract.
  8. Mulberry.
  9. Helpful Products.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cyder vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is proven and found as a good remedy for pigmentation. It relieves unnecessary and unwanted pigmentation from the skin. Researches show that apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid and polyphenols that usually act as mild chemical peels and antioxidants that are beneficial for the skin.

This remedy can simply be used by applying apple cider vinegar with an equal amount of water on the skin for 15-20 minutes. After these few minutes, you can rinse your face. If you experience any irritation on your skin or any sensitive reaction, you can stop it and get help from your doctor.

2.Yogurt or Milk

yogurt for hyperpigmented skin

Yoghurt and milk are things that can easily be found in one's house. These two natural things can be good remedies for reliving Hyperpigmentation. Yoghurt and milk contain natural substances that are beneficial for skin issues.

You can use yoghurt and milk by simply applying any one of these on your skin at any time of the day. Apply yoghurt or milk directly on the affected areas of the skin and keep it as it is for a few minutes. Then you can rinse your face.

You can also soak a cotton ball in the milk or yoghurt and apply it on the pigmented area of the face. It will give impactful results. You should do this process two times a day and use moisturizer after rinsing your skin.

3. Green Tea

Green Tea For Skin

In rare situations, green tea and its primary active component, epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), may help change the pigmentation of the skin.

EGCG is an antioxidant molecule that may aid in preventing the cellular processes that result in excessive pigmentation, according to a review published in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery. Gallic acid and ellagic acid are also present in the green tea leaves themselves, which may benefit the skin.

The authors do point out that additional human research is required to validate these notions.

For those who desire to use this treatment, applying a wet green tea bag to the pigmented area for a short period of time each day or taking an oral EGCG supplement may be beneficial.

4. Vitamin C


Vitamin c serum for face

Applying readily available forms of vitamin C to the skin, such as grapefruit, lemon, or vitamin C serum for face, may help boost the number of antioxidants there and gradually lighten the cells.

To get greater outcomes, people might combine these resources with other natural pigmentation home cures. However, it should be noted that vitamin C does not permeate the skin very efficiently.

These are some of the most amazing benefits of vitamin C. That will help you to know the value of vitamin C.

It's using can be helpful in getting positive results to achieve good and relived skin. You can use vitamin C serum to make your skin free from some concerns like Hyperpigmentation etc.

5. Red Onions

red onion for hyperpigmentation

Red Onions are also considered beneficial agents for getting pigment-free skin.

Researchers focused on individual chemicals rather than the onion itself, which is significant.

Even though further human studies are required to determine the effectiveness of the onion itself, many people continue to utilize it as a natural cure for pigmentation.

Red onion can be used as an easy method by chopping it up and putting it in an empty tea bag. Apply the bag to the hyperpigmented area, holding it in place if necessary using medical tape.

6. Aloe Vera

aloe vera for hyperpigmentation

Acne scars or Hyperpigmentation can greatly be relieved by the use of aloe vera. You can use aloe vera gel on your skin or face, which helps to give sufficient positive results in getting pigment-free skin.

Aloesin or aloin is the active ingredient of aloe vera that is helpful in maintaining the natural complex of your skin. Modern research and studies have shown that aloe vera and the things that contain aloe vera are widely helpful in getting long-term skin benefits.

7. Licorice extract

Licorine extract for hyperpigmented skin

Liquorice extract is helpful in reducing and removing pigmentation from the face permanently naturally. Glabridin is the essential ingredient of Licorice extract, which helps the skin to get relieved from Hyperpigmentation.

Many topical creams are available that contain Licorice extract that is result oriented and beneficial for your skin. So, it's also one of the best remedies for getting nourishing and pigment-free skin.

8. Mulberry

mulberry for hyperpigmented skin

Mulberry extracts and leaves may also be used as all-natural pigmentation remedies.

The active component in mulberry leaves suppresses elements that induce pigmentation and disperses melanin, according to a review in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology.

High-purity extracts from the plant are used in research. However, soaking dried mulberry leaves and applying them to the skin each day may also expose the body to tiny amounts of these same components, which could eventually produce modest effects.

9. Helpful Products

There are certain hyperpigmentation serums and hyperpigmentation creams that are helpful in achieving pigment-free skin. The products like Advanced freckle cream & face wash and vitamin C serum are proven to be as best products that you can use in your daily skincare routine to get rid of pigmentation.

Some chemical-based products may also be the reason for Hyperpigmentation. So, you need to choose products safely that can't have a harmful impact on your skin. You should also use and apply sunscreen when you are in outdoor activities.

Keep your skin safe from some environmental substances that can affect your skin and make it hyperpigmented. Always keep your skin moisturized and nourished by adopting a healthy life routine.


Hyperpigmentation is a sensitive and one of the most common skin problems that most people face these days. But it doesn't mean that it's not curable. By adopting hyperpigmentation treatment for dark skin, you can easily get rid of this problem. In this article, we have tried to discuss some best remedies and treatments that can help you reliving Hyperpigmentation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to remove Hyperpigmentation at home?

You can remove Hyperpigmentation at home by using these home remedies like aloe vera, green tea, vitamin C, Licorice extract, and Mulberry.

What is the fastest way to get rid of Hyperpigmentation?

The use of advanced freckle cream & face wash and vitamin C serum may give you instant results in reliving this skin problem.

How can I remove pigmentation permanently?

Adopting a healthy life routine, using beneficial skincare products, and keeping yourself safe from involving damaging skin environments can result in the permanent removal of Hyperpigmentation.

Can Hyperpigmentation go away naturally?

It can slightly go away naturally if you adopt a healthy lifestyle, but it can take time and sometimes cannot go away without seeking help from a dermatologist.

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