Beard Dye Vs Beard Color

Beard Dye Vs Beard Color


In the world of beard colors and dyes, facial hair becomes the canvas for self-expression. There has been a remarkable transformation in the grooming world where men tend to personalize their style and look by altering their beard colors. From subtle changes to bold transformations, the grooming world offers endless ways and possibilities to style freaks.

In this blog, we will embark on the journey from vibrant hues to subtle shades. We will also explore the traditional and modern coloring methods that will help you find the perfect option to get the desired look. So, join us and unravel the minor to major differences between beard colors and beard dyes. This will help you find the perfect option for your new look.

Beard Dyes And Beard Colors

In the grooming world, beard dyes and beard colors are used interchangeably. It might sound funny because technically both are used to color the beard. But there are intricate differences between them. The beard dyes have such a chemical formation that they tend to penetrate deep into the hair shaft resulting in the permanent change of hair color. On the contrary, beard colors have a diversity in them for example; temporary beard colors, semi-permanent, and demi-permanent bead colors. They have a wide range to explore.

Composition And Formation

Those who want to have in-depth knowledge about beard color and beard dyes should know that the main difference between them is their composition. Beard dyes are formed specifically to change the natural hair pigment completely. It changes the PH of hair which is generally 4.5 to 5.5. In bead dyes, ammonia increases the PH and penetrates the inner layer of the hair, the cortex. This color settles on the hair permanently by changing its PH.

On the other hand, beard colors are the ones that do not change the natural pigment of hair as they cannot penetrate the deeper hair layer (cortex). It simply changes the color of the hair by depositing it on the hair cuticle. Which makes it benign for the overall hair health.

Types of Beard Dyes And Beard Colors

Having in view the major differences between beard dyes and colors, we can also distinguish their types as well. These types are;

Beard Dyes

Permanent Beard Dyes:

These permanently stay on the hair by altering its PH and changing the color permanently.

Semi-permanent Beard Dyes:

These are ammonia-free colors that give a lasting color to the hair and remain on the hair for 10-15 washes.

Beard Colors

Color Depositing Shampoo:

The shampoos that have the coloring properties that change the color of hair for 2-3 washes.

Color Conditioners::

These conditioners give coloring properties to hair and change the color for a short period, usually for 1-2 washes.


These are for one-time colors and are easily washable; they remain on the hair till washing the beard. Although they have a property to remain stuck to the beard without dripping or staining.

Color Powder:

Powders can be simply applied to change the color instantly. They have a one-time impact on hair.

This gives plenty of options to style connoisseurs. They can opt for any option according to their ease and need.


The overall characteristics of hair determine the longevity of beard dyes and colors. For example, hair porosity, texture, and thickness affect the color of the hair. But generally, beard dyes have a longer stay than any usual coloring agent as they permanently alter the beard color by depositing it to the cortex of hair. That is why beard dyes last longer than the beard colors.


Beard dyes and beard colors have another distinction between them. How they affect the beard and facial skin. The presence of chemicals in dyes is likely to cause damage to the beard and irritation to facial skin. Whereas the beard colors are less likely to cause any severe damage to the skin or beard due to their mild formulation.

Skin Safety

Safety of the skin is crucial while dying a beard. Bread dyes are not a safe option if you have any skin irritation or allergy. The presence of harsh chemicals can make the skin even more sensitive and damaged. In such a case beard colors are an appropriate choice. As they do not cause any such problems for skin or beard.

Ease of Application

Beard dyes and colors have differences in their application method too. Beard dyes need a proper application method whereas the beard colors are formulated in such a way that they do not require any such method. For example, some colors are available in the form of powder or spray that gives instant color to hair and does not need to be rinsed off. This makes them an easier and good-to-go option.

Which one to go for? Beard dye or beard color?

It is estimated that worldwide 55% of men have a beard (from thin to thick) which means that there is a bigger market for the manufacturers. That is why multiple options and color & dye ranges have been introduced in the market by different brands. But, There raises a question that if we have such options to get a transformed look, then what is the best option to go with?

Here is the answer: If you are the one who has a busy schedule and has no time to color your beard again and again, beard dyes are a good option for you as they do not require any reapplication of color till the regrowth of the hair. But if you are the one who does not want to dye or have plenty of time to apply spray, powder, or gel color while going out, you can select these coloring options rather than dyes.

Secondly, always keep in mind your facial delicacy and hair health. If you are allergic or have sensitive skin, do not apply dyes. You can choose safer options like beard colors. What else can be safer than Vince's HIS ONLY Beard & Mustache Colors.

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Thirdly, If you want to change your look in less time then the beard colors are good options for you as beard dyes won’t allow you to change them over and over again. If you do so, you might get the result in the form of a brittle and weak beard due to the reapplication of harsh chemicals. So, beware of such issues.

Usually mild colors are recommended in order to keep the facial skin and beard safe from the harshness of chemicals. In Pakistan, Vince’s HIS ONLY Beard & Mustache color is a good choice for those who want quality, safety, style, and convenience at the same time.

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In conclusion, the grooming world offers myriad opportunities to men to express their true personality or to transform their look into the desired one. After a long discussion, it is clear that there are both traditional methods and innovative formulas to get the look you wish for. So, choose any option, beard color or beard dye that suits your personality and matches your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What's the difference between beard dye and beard color?

The major differences between the beard dyes and beard colors are their composition and formulation. Beard dyes are formulated with strong chemicals that last longer on hair whereas beard colors are formulated with mild ingredients that do not last longer.

Q2. Which one should I choose, beard dye or beard color?

If you are a busy person and have no time to color again & again then go for a beard dye because in this case, you need reapplication after a long time. But if you have any problem with harsh chemicals usually found in beard dyes, opt for any good quality beard color.

Q3. Are there any risks to using beard dye or beard color?

Usually the beard dyes and color, both, are benign. But if you have sensitive skin, an allergy, or cuts on your face on the beard area, try to avoid beard dyes or any color that contains harsh chemicals. Because they might affect your facial skin.

Q4. How long does beard dye and beard color last?

Beard colors may last depending upon the quality and usage of the product. But generally, beard colors are short-lasting as compared to beard dyes. But beard dyes last longer because they permanently tint the hair by depositing on the hair shaft, resulting in a permanent hair color.

Q5. How can I achieve a natural look when coloring my beard?

You can easily achieve a natural look by adopting any good quality beard color or dye (Vince’s Beard colors are recommended colors because of their high quality and user-friendly application). However, if you want a natural look select a color that matches your original beard color shade. This will give you the most appropriate shade.

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